The final round of the Mister & Miss Elegant TVU 2021 competition


TVU – Through dramatic rounds of the competition, the Organizing Committee selected the 15 most talented contestants to continue competing in the Final Round.

Mr. Nguyen Nhat Thanh, Standing Member of the Provincial Youth Union, President of the Trade Union, President of the Student Union of Tra Vinh University, and Chairman of the Organizing Committee, said: “With the theme of knowledge beauty, the competition aims to find the elegant faces that can represent the dynamism of TVU’s youth; especially to honor the intellectual beauty, talent, and confidence of the university’s students, contributing to raising awareness of moral – intelligence – health – beauty, promoting the image of Tra Vinh University students.”

The Mister & Miss Elegant TVU 2021 attracted more than 200 contestants. After two rounds, the 15 best students were selected by the jury to continue competing at the final round, taking place at 6 pm on April 23rd, 2022, at Lecture Hall D5, Campus 1, Tra Vinh University.

In particular, at the final night awarding prizes, there was the participation of the jury members, including Actor – Model Thanh Thuc, Ms. Dee Truong – General Director of VITA CLINIC Aesthetic System, Hot TikToker Le Hoang Liet – Newscaster of Tra Vinh Radio – Television Station, Artist – Photographer Ba Thi and Ms. Ho Thi Thuy Hang – Director of Vietnamese Voice Training Company.

The Organizing Committee awarded the titles of Miss Elegant and Mister Elegant of TVU to the two best contestants, prizes to the two 1st Runner-ups (one Miss and one Mister), two 2nd Runner-ups (one Miss and one Mister), and additional prizes for talented contestants and those having good results in the eloquent round. The total value of awards was up to 100 million VND.

Photos of the TOP 15 contestants in the final round of the Mister & Miss Elegant TVU competition

My Nhien