The girl dreams of becoming a proficient teacher


TVU – It is three years since Phan Ngoc Thao Vy graduated from high school. She is a student of Kindergarten Pedagogy, in the year 2020, and she remains determined to pursue knowledge and embark on her journey to obtain her university degree.

Phan Ngoc Thao Vy was born in 1999 into an agricultural family in Cang Long district, Tra Vinh province. Due to the financial difficulties her family faced, after graduating from Nguyen Dang High School, Thao Vy decided to leave her books behind and apply for a job to support her family.

“After graduating from high school in 2017, I start my first year of university in 2020. It is a big challenge for me as I haven’t reviewed the knowledge for a long time. However, I still dream of obtaining a university degree to give to my parents and myself,” Thao Vy shares.

From being a laborer with a modest income, the young girl continues to pursue her dream of becoming a teacher. She is determined to prepare for the university entrance exam, and three years later, Thao Vy becomes an outstanding student with a strong academic performance that surprises everyone.

Despite starting university later than her peers, the determined young girl relentlessly devotes herself to studying, honing her skills, and reigniting the flame of determination to return to the school bench. Through this experience, Thao Vy comes to cherish and appreciate the value of education.

Thao Vy shares: After facing numerous challenges and obstacles in society, I truly understand the value of education, and only through education can I change my life. Being accepted into the Early Childhood Education program at Tra Vinh University brings joy and happiness not only to myself but also as a gift to my parents.

During her time at the university, Thao Vy excels and receives consecutive academic scholarships for many semesters. In addition to her studies, Vy enthusiastically participates in various activities organized by the University’s Youth Union and Student Association.

In her role as the Deputy Secretary of the Youth Union in Cang Long District, Thao Vy constantly strives and improves herself, achieving notable accomplishments such as second prize in the Revolutionary Song Communication Contest, second prize in the Law Communication Contest with the theme “Trà Vinh University Students and Gender Equality Law, Prevention and Response to Gender-based Violence” in 2022, a commendation certificate from the University’s Student Union for excellent performance in youth union and student movement tasks in the 2021-2022 term, and being awarded the title of “Excellent Student” by the university in 2022.

Thao Vy continues to inspire many young people with her story. Despite the challenges in life, she remains determined to pursue knowledge and embark on her journey to obtain a university degree. Thao Vy is a great girl who dares to think and act, overcoming difficulties with a progressive and persevering spirit to change her destiny and steadfastly realize her dreams.

By Nhat Hao