The interns coming from Memorial Institute, University of Newfoundland, Canada completed their internship at TVU


From September 23th, 2011 to February 24th 2012, the group of interns coming from Memorial Institute, University of Newfoundland, Canada of the international internship program sponsored by CIDA had their internship at TVU. They are Ms. Ashley Juliette Laracy, Ms. Chelsea Melissa Beehan and Ms. Laura-Marie Levenia Russell-Hill.

Based on their major knowledge, TVU leaders introduced the three interns to work at Gender and Community Department, Economic – Business administration office of Faculty of economics, laws, and foreign languages and Center of post harvest technology.

After 5 months of their internship, they have finished some major tasks such as giving presentations at the seminars, workshops, helping with some major activities at the departments, guiding students to develop soft skills, scientific researches, etc. With the serious spirit of learning, researching and working, the three interns have completed all of their duties well.

At the farewell meeting, Dr. Pham Tiet Khanh – Rector of TVU showed his affection for the interns and wished them good health. They also expressed their gratitude to TVU Rector Board and staff for helping  them finish their duties, get more experiences, know more about the culture of Vietnam and this created a closer relationship between the two countries.

Written by Huynh Trang