The Minister of Education and Training meets educators, administrative staff from the education sector


TVU – On August 15, 2023, Minister of Education and Training Nguyễn Kim Sơn presides over a meeting with educators, administrative staff, and personnel from the Education sector.

The program, organized by the Ministry of Education and Training in collaboration with the Vietnam Education Trade Union, is conducted directly online with over 400 locations nationwide.

At the Tra Vinh University site, the conference is chaired by Dr. Phan Quốc Nghĩa, Vice-Rector, attended by Dr. Thạch Thị Dân, Vice-Rector of the university, and Dr. Nguyễn Tiến Dũng, Vice-Chairman of TVU Advisory Council, along with leaders from various institutes, schools, departments, and units under the university.

During the conference, Minister Nguyễn Kim Sơn provides updates on the current state of the education sector, listens to concerns and aspirations, shares the challenges faced by higher education institutions, proposes solutions and suggestions related to teaching staff, academics, and strategies to enhance policies for collaborative efforts among higher education institutions in training the workforce.

Educators and lecturers from various universities and higher education institutions express their opinions and recommendations, focusing on aspects such as developing high-quality training programs, effectively utilizing intellectual property assets within universities and colleges, mechanisms for autonomous operation, and the role of lecturers in autonomous governance, tuition fees, enrollment quotas, the landscape of digital transformation and technology transfer in higher education, and more.

According to university staff and lecturers, this forum serves as a platform to share thoughts, aspirations, and innovative ideas to foster the continuous development of the education sector. The meeting between Minister Nguyen Kim Sơn and educators is one of the events marking the Ministry of Education and Training’s commitment to listen and collaborate with the education community across the nation. This engagement helps shape appropriate policy directions to develop the teaching staff, and administrative personnel, and contribute to the successful modernization of education.

In conclusion, Minister Nguyễn Kim Sơn extends gratitude to the teaching staff, academics, and experts for their significant contributions and efforts in overcoming challenges to develop higher education institutions. They not only implement educational plans but also contribute to policy formulation and the strategic building of national significance.

The Minister expresses the hope that the teaching staff, education administrators, and academics will foster a strong connection with life, carry social responsibilities, shoulder the role of intellectuals, engage in teacher training, and policy formulation, and provide advice to facilitate access to modern education. Furthermore, the Ministry of Education and Training will collaboratively address difficulties, paving the way for the autonomous development of universities, enhance policy mechanisms, free resources, and creativity for lecturers and academics, and sustain the development of lecturers both in terms of quantity and quality through mechanisms and policies, mainly supporting the growth of young lecturers.