The mock trial – Improving practical skills for Law students


(TVU) – On November 9, 2022, more than 300 law students participated in the 9th mock trial organized by the School of Economics and Law in collaboration with the Department of Supervision and Legislation of the Tra Vinh University in response to Vietnam’s Law Day.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the mock trial, Dr. Thach Thi Dan, Vice Rector of Tra Vinh University said “The mock trial is an annual highly professional activity of law students and this year’s mock trial takes place in response to Vietnam Law Day. Thereby, this activity will propagate and disseminate laws for students and lecturers and create a professional training environment for law students”.

The Vice Rector said that “Knowledge needs to be applied in practice to help students gain confidence, practice skills and contribute to the propagation and dissemination of laws in Tra Vinh province and for the whole society. This intuitive and lively form of law dissemination helps students acquire the content naturally and find it easy to understand and remember. This is also a good opportunity for Law students to directly participate in researching real-life cases of their major, practice professional skills, communication skills, behavior, teamwork…”

The mock trial was organized and scripted under close consultation with lecturers and experts. The form of organization was diverse and lively. In the mock trial, the Law students played the role of characters such as the Chairman of the trial, People’s jurors, Representative of the procuracy, court clerk, lawyer, defendant, and victim, …

Situations in the case were reproduced in a theatrical form like a real case. The actors immersed themselves in their roles and performed in front of the judges and the audience.

According to the Advisory Board’s assessment, the mock trial was held in the correct order, from the opening procedure, and the interrogation procedure, to the debate, deliberation, and sentencing procedures. With the close arguments of the Procuracy, the defense of the lawyers, fairness, and transparency in the trial of the Jury, etc., all activities were clearly implemented to ensure professionalism and legal accuracy.

Currently, the mock trial of Law students of Tra Vinh University has become a channel for propagating and disseminating laws for students and pupils in Tra Vinh province and high schools in neighboring provinces.

Photos of the mock trial:

By Phuong Diem