The remarkable scientific achievements of a student of Tra Vinh University


TVU – Tran Minh Nhut is a final year student of Environmental Engineering at Tra Vinh University (TVU). He is also the chairman of the Scientific Research Club of the Student Union.

Dedicating his passion to science, Nhut has been diligently earning knowledge and approaching research in technical application in environmental treatment and improvement.

As a result of his perseverance and creative thinking, Nhat has achieved many impressive scientific research projects since 2019.

The most impressive achievements of Minh Nhut are in technology and plant application in wastewater treatment. The typical studies include Phosphorus treatment in domestic wastewater by using wetlands to grow ornamental plants; The evaluation of the ability to treat nitrogen and phosphorus in domestic wastewater by sessile joyweed; poster presentation using English at the 3rd international biology conference held in Quy Nhon city (Binh Dinh province).

Although the difficulties in the final phase of researching, thanks to the encouragement from teachers and friends, Nhut gained more confidence to complete the topic. He shared: “Skills of problem-solving, data analysis or writing are extremely hard for someone who has just stepped into research. Therefore, I have to make constant efforts to explore new things.”

Instantly, Nhat wishes that he will soon become an inspiration, spreading his passion for science and the ideal of life to young people.

Dr. Tran Thi Ngoc Bich – TVU’s Deputy Director of the Institute of Environmental Science and Technology, commented: “Nhut always volunteered to support his classmates, working late to find the results for the topic. That is commendable.”

Tran Minh Nhut (3rd from right) with many impressive scientific research achievements

For many years in a row, Minh Nhut was at the top of his class in terms of academic and scientific achievements. In 2021, he won the title “Student of 5 good merits” at the central level. In 2022, Nhat received a scholarship from the Erasmus+ Program for students with outstanding scientific records to complete a 5-month internship in the Netherlands in the field of water treatment.

Furthermore, Nhut is also active in youth union activities such as: Volunteering in the project “Response to climate change through sustainable education solutions” in 2018; participating in the project “Water bamboo straws” and “Spread green sprouts (tissue culturing)” in 2019; MangLub volunteers in mangrove planting activities in Tra Vinh in 2020; participating in the project “Current status of daily-life solid waste collection and management in Tra Vinh province” in 2020.

Thy Truong