The Robocon 2020 Contest – An attractive playground for students of Engineering


December 20, 2020, the final round of the Robocon 2020 Contest with the theme of “Ghe ngo” – Boat racing and flower lanterns releasing, takes place at the lake of Engineering and Technology Faculty attracting the participation and a large number of contestants and cheering supporters.

In this year’s contest, there are four teams selected to attend the final round. Each team competes with each other by designing a boat moving with a paddle. After the referee’s signal, the boats are controlled by the players from the departure position to the designated position.

Then, the boats are controlled to put the balls in the right place where the organizers have arranged. After that, the boats have to move to the position where the balloons are hung to cut the ropes for the balloons to fly up (considered as releasing lanterns).

Finally, the players control the boats to move quickly to the destination. The time for each match is 5 minutes and the score is calculated based on the total number of tasks completed by the teams indeed. The one getting a high score is the winner.

Giving the opening speech, Dr. Pham Quoc Phong, Deputy Head of the Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Head of the contest’s organization board welcomes the determination and creativity of all teams.

Overall assessment of the contest’s quality, Dr. Pham Quoc Phong, said: ‘The designs of boats from the teams in this round are more professional and perfect in terms of structure and technique.’

The Robocon Contest was a useful playground for students of engineering and technology to show their passion, to learn and research, and to share experiences, thereby improving the spirit of teamwork.

Tran Mai Hoang, a student of Automation and Controls Engineering Technology in course of 2018, a member of the Khat Vong team, shared: “The Robocon 2020 is an interesting contest, providing opportunities for students to experience practice through designing ideas and completing products, and enhance teamwork skills ”.

In the final round of the Robocon 2020 contest, the Khat Vong team excellently won the first prize. The second prize, the third prize, and the consolation prize were awarded to the KT2K, the K17DT, and the Fighting teams respectively.

My Nhien