The student cooperative at the university

TVU – Established for over 5 years, the Student Cooperative at Tra Vinh University has contributed to the educational activities, helping students gain practical learning experiences.

Cửa hàng kinh doanh tổng hợp thuộc Hợp tác xã sinh viên Trường ĐH Trà Vinh.
The cooperative includes a general merchandise store operated by the Student Cooperative at Tra Vinh University. This is also a new model that attracts a large number of students to start their own businesses.

Students become cooperative owners

The Student Cooperative at Tra Vinh University was established in 2018, providing services such as post-harvest services (services linked to the consumption of products produced and processed by the university’s students), retail sales in general merchandise stores (Co.op Store – a comprehensive retail store), specialized design activities (phone decoration), retail sales of computers, peripherals, software, and telecommunication devices in specialized shops (retail of phones, components, phone accessories), express delivery services, Five Star fried chicken store services, etc. Currently, the cooperative has about 600 members.

After 5 years of operation, the Student Cooperative at Tra Vinh University has demonstrated its effectiveness in promoting students’ creativity and sense of responsibility. It has helped develop skills, create employment opportunities, and generate income for students. Moreover, the cooperative has become a platform for generating and developing entrepreneurial ideas among students, providing an environment for students to apply their acquired knowledge in practice.

Le Phuc Khang, a student of the Sports Management program and Chairman of the Cooperative’s Board of Directors, stated that the Student Cooperative at Tra Vinh University has proven its effectiveness in fostering students’ creativity and sense of responsibility. The model also allows students to apply the skills they have learned at the university, connect and transform research results from laboratories into products that meet consumer demand.

Receiving attention from university leaders, the Student Cooperative at Tra Vinh University has received support from the Small and Medium Enterprise Development Project in Tra Vinh Province (SME Tra Vinh) in terms of land, business operation permits, and support for 20 types of industries and services. Additionally, the cooperative also receives assistance from the Training and Consultancy Center for Cooperative Economy under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, helping the cooperative identify opportunities and develop business plans to accelerate the cooperative model’s growth at the university.

Le Phuc Khang mentioned: Officially established in 2018, the cooperative has 537 members who contribute a capital of 200,000 VND per share, totaling 111,600,000 VND. By 2023, the number of members has increased to 542 with a total contributed capital of 123,540,000 VND and total assets of 282,826,429 VND. When participating in the cooperative by contributing capital, members do not receive profit shares but instead enjoy direct discounts of 5-15% on products. In addition to membership participation, the cooperative also calls for capital contribution for various business services.

Hợp tác xã sinh viên trong trường đại học ảnh 1
The Student Cooperative at Tra Vinh University attracts a large number of student entrepreneurs and nurtures entrepreneurship among students.

Nurturing Entrepreneurship for Students

According to the cooperative’s leadership, with a contribution of only 200,000 VND, students become cooperative members and enjoy the best discounted prices for cooperative services. In particular, members have the right to run for leadership positions and manage various services within the cooperative. This provides an opportunity for students to gain practical experience and learn various fields such as business, management, accounting, and marketing.

Furthermore, becoming a cooperative member provides students with opportunities to work in teams, enhance personal responsibility within the collective, and actively engage in community activities. Cooperative members are also given priority to work as part-time employees in various cooperative service models, with attractive incomes.

During the 2018-2023 term, the Student Cooperative at Tra Vinh University implemented approximately 20 services, ranging from agricultural business to electronics, technology, and tourism. In addition to production and business activities, the cooperative also emphasizes training and enhancing the capabilities of the Board of Directors, the Management Board, the Control Board, staff, and members of the cooperative. Furthermore, they actively participate in supporting activities for the community.

These activities include attending training courses and workshops organized by the Tra Vinh Cooperative Alliance and relevant agencies; supporting the consumption of agricultural products during the Covid-19 pandemic; providing assistance to students in difficult circumstances; participating in the Summer Volunteer Campaign; regularly organizing activities to care for the spiritual well-being of members, among others.

Nguyen Van Anh, a student majoring in Chinese Language at the University, shared: “After school, instead of having to go to the market or convenience stores outside the university, I often go to the cooperative’s convenience store to buy essential items without wasting much time. Besides saving time for myself, I support fellow students in developing the school’s business model.”

Dang Thi Yen Nhi, a Nursing student, shared: The Student Cooperative at Tra Vinh University is a great model and creates interest for students passionate about business. It provides an opportunity for students to gain practical experience and learn from various experiences in organizing, operating, and managing business and entrepreneurship.

According to Le Phuc Khang, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Cooperative, to enhance the effectiveness of the cooperative’s operations in the 2023-2026 term, the collective of the Student Cooperative at Tra Vinh University will continue to strengthen the current cooperative services and implement activities to enhance the role of the student cooperative in supporting farmers, such as developing a plan for cooperative support programs and collaborations throughout Tra Vinh province in digital technology applications, supporting and accompanying farmers in building, operating, and maintaining e-commerce platforms for selling agricultural products.