The successful start-up inspiration from different ideas


Desire their research and start-up ideas to go into daily life, many students of Tra Vinh University joined with people to create many products with high practical value.

Probiotics contain zinc nanoparticles

This is a project of the author group including Pham An Duong Khang, a student in Chemical Engineering in course 2015, Nguyen Van Phuong (former student in Chemical Engineering Technology) and Luong Manh Duong (former student in Business Administration).

With this project, the authors want to produce and supply probiotics containing zinc nanoparticles to prevent pathogens and bacteria on fruit trees. The product named NOZ is bottled with a capacity of 500ml.

Author Pham An Duong Khang, the project manager said that the Southwest region of Viet Nam was a large fruit-growing area where people often used probiotics to prevent pathogens and bacteria. However, these probiotics had to be environmentally friendly, affordable and unharmful to user’s health.

“In order for the product to be most effective, in implementing and testing process, the group supported and advised people the way to use it.” Khang said.

Initial assessment of people after using probiotics containing zinc nanoparticles showed that the product can effectively prevent pathogens and bacteria on plants through the antioxidant activity of leaves and the specific property (nanomaterials), non-toxic to users and being environmentally friendly.

Accompany with shrimp farmers

From the situation of turning on and off the aerator to produce oxygen for shrimps mainly by hand and the incorrect installation process that cause many pitiful electrical accidents, the authors created the product of automated monitoring and control system of aerator shrimp farm pond.

This product is expected to create safety for users even in raining, shining or in dark conditions. At the same time, save labor, labor costs and can apply system expansion with automation requirements in other areas.

Talking about the effectiveness of this project, Tran Phuoc Dat, a student of Control & Automation in course 2015, project manager, shared: “The raw materials used in the project are cheap, abundant and available in localities. Moreover, thanks to many supports from the older brothers and sisters in technical field, the project is accessed to new technologies and meet quality testing regulations.”

Mr. Nguyen Van Vu An, Deputy Secretary of Youth Union of the Tra Vinh University, said: “Both projects on automated monitoring and control system of aerator shrimp farm pond, and Biological products containing zinc nanoparticles to prevent pathogens and bacteria on plants are entered the final round of the “Students with start-up ideas in 2019 ” contest. These are the two in fifty products in the country are in the final round of the contest of Students with start-up ideas organized by the Ministry of Education and Training in Hanoi from October 4 to 5, 2019. In particular, products of  probiotics containing zinc nanoparticles won the third prize of the Start-up Talent Searching and Creative innovation Contest of Mekong Delta Region on October 22, 2019 and will be displayed at the National Techfesh Festival in Quang Ninh city from June 4 to 6, 2019.”

Diverse start-up products from students

Product of Lam Yen ORGANIC bottled herbal tea by Nguyen Hien Dat, former information technology student, which is bottled herbal tea combining from Lam Ho Diep flower (blue pea flower) and some natural herbs course and bird’s nest. The product has entered the final round of the start-up contest organized by Tra Vinh University, has entered the final round of the contest organized by the Tra Vinh SME Project, and won the second prize in the contest for the start-up idea organized by Tra Vinh Provincial Youth Union.

Ngoc Tuu coconut wine product together with products from coconut oil of Luong Manh Duong, former student in Business Administration, which have entered the final round of the startup contest organized by Tra Vinh University, entered a final round of the contest organized by Tra Vinh SME Project, won first prize of the startup idea contest organized by Tra Vinh Provincial Youth Union, and reached the semi-final organized by the Central Youth Union.

Product of Panama berry leaves by Nguyen Ho Anh Trai, student in Chemical Engineering Technology – Course 2015, is researched to produce as a quality tea product for good health.

Many studentsstartup models with an initial success

Youth Fund for Scientific Research and Start-up of Tra Vinh University supports 20 million VND for each scientific research and feasible start-up project of students, helping them be more proactive to develop their creative ideas, brave to do scientific researches, apply and access many types of experimental business right at the school time. There are many models which are initial to come in effective operation such as: Start-up student cooperative; The stalls of startup youth specializing in selling equipment, stationery and technology products from Tra Vinh University; Service of student coffee, family restaurant; Students with painting, rice painting and designing services; Stalls for vegetables and safe agricultural products, student parking service.

In addition, many students and their lecturers have carried out many scientific research projects and applied them to typical practices at school, provincial, regional, ministerial and state levels such as: rice production model under VietGap standard, safe vegetable production model, self-managed melon cultivation model of student, abalone mushroom cultivation model, sea crab farming model in Duyen Hai, macapuno embryo culturing model, farming shrimp parent varieties without diseases, VietGap rice cultivation, production of rice varieties with high salinity and drought tolerance; Design and manufacture equipment to determine the flesh ratio in macapuno; Design and manufacture robots, 3D printers, model of smart houses, etc.

Phan Hong Duc, student in Mechanic Engineering in course 2016, is one of two students of Tra Vinh university who won the Consolation Prize of the 31st National Mechanics Olympic 2019 competition in the South  organized by the Vietnam Mechanics Association with more than 500 contestants competing in May 2019, humbly said: “I participated in this competition to learn more experience from my friends, accumulate knowledge and professional skills to get more ideas for the my research products in the future.”

“Tra Vinh university is always a fulcrum for students to develop their research capacity and creativity. From the seemingly smallest and most simple ideas which through the eyes of students have become ideas and products with high practical value. It is an initial success step in applied research to guide the students to a future entrepreneurial journey on their ideas.” Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pham Tiet Khanh, Rector of Tra Vinh University shared.