The vibrant Uni Tour 2024 Music Festival: “Shine Your Essence” at Tra Vinh University


TVU – On the evening of June 1st, the Vietnam Student Support and Development Center (Central Vietnam Student Association), collaborating with Honda Vietnam Company and Tra Vinh University, orchestrates the highly anticipated Uni Tour 2024 Music Festival. This event, a testament to their shared vision, marks the commencement of the “Honda Uni-Tour” series of activities for the year.

In her speech at the event, Dr. Thach Thi Dan, Vice-Rector of Tra Vinh University, expressed her profound gratitude to Honda Vietnam Company and the Vietnam Student Support and Development Center for their unwavering support and facilitation, which has opened up a world of exciting exchange activities for the students of Tra Vinh University.


Immersing themselves in the lively rhythms of renowned artists such as AMEE, the band Da LAB, and the DJ duo CRANY – MC Hype BLACK, over 2,000 students from Tra Vinh University participate in the vibrant music night. The top five performances from the music and dance talent search competition during the grand music festival enter the final round, with the Dance Color dance group emerging as the first-prize winner.

In his speech at the event, Mr. Huynh Van Nam, a representative of Honda Vietnam Company, says: “With the motto ‘Honda is always for you,’ Honda Vietnam wants to create a natural playground for students with many exciting activities that are full of youthful personality.”

He believes the journey accompanying Vietnamese students in the series of activities and events of Honda Uni Tour 2024: “Shine Your Essence” promises to become a launching pad to nurture passion and freedom of expression and showcase students’ talents and personalities. It’s a creative experiential space with vibrant colors closely tied to the preferences and needs of the younger generation.

On the same day, the event becomes a hub of numerous thrilling experiential activities, each infused with the distinct characteristics of Gen Z. These activities, closely associated with vibrant color schemes, provide a platform for students to showcase their individuality alongside a series of ‘cool’ activities, including the unveiling and introduction of a brand-new, nationally acclaimed sports scooter, exuding a completely fresh sporting vibe.

According to Ms. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Anh, Deputy Director of the Vietnam Student Support and Development Center, Honda Unitour 2024 – “Shine Your Essence” is a series of events and experiential activities designed for students. This program kicks off the Uni Tour series in 25 provinces and cities nationwide, organized by the Vietnam Student Support and Development Center (Central Vietnam Student Association) in collaboration with Honda Vietnam.


On this occasion, Honda Vietnam also awards 10 scholarships worth 10 million VND to students of Tra Vinh University.

By Mai Thao