The youth of Tra Vinh University lit up candles to pay tribute to war heroes and martyrs


(GSV-GV.TVU) – On the evening of July 7, in a dignified and emotional atmosphere, young people of Tra Vinh University offered flowers, incense and lit candles to show their respect to more than 1,100 graves of war heroes and martyrs at the Martyrs Cemetery in Tra Vinh province.

The candle-lighting ceremony is one of the annual, humane, and meaningful activities of the youth union of Tra Vinh University, demonstrating the principles of “Drink water, remember the source” and “Repay gratitude” to the former generation who sacrificed for the cause of national construction and defense.

At the candle-lighting ceremony, Dang Thi Phuong Lan, a student of the University of Technology and Traffic Engineering in the course of 2019, was touched by this meaningful moment. Appreciating the generations of ancestors who dedicated their lives to the nation, giving Vietnamese people a peaceful place to live today, she always upholds the spirit of learning, training, and striving to become useful people for society to serve the fatherland.

In addition, the young people of Tra Vinh University simultaneously lit candles to pay tribute to the war heroes and martyrs at the Martyr Cemeteries in the districts and towns in the province with many concrete and practical actions to carry out the work of repaying gratitude.

At Cau Ngang district, the school’s youth union members arrived early to clean up the cemetery.

Student Le Minh Giau, the leader of the Green Summer Volunteer Campaign at Thanh Hoa Son commune front, said: “The activities to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Invalids and Martyrs’ Day have shown the gratitude of the youth of Tra Vinh University for the sacrifice and dedication of war heroes and martyrs for peace of the country. Thereby, the youth of Tra Vinh University always strive, study and practice to write together on the golden page of the Vietnamese nation’s history and remind themselves of the motto “Clear mind, bright mind, and great ambition.”

My Nhien