Tra Vinh City on social distancing days to prevent the Covid-19 – A peaceful green city


Tra Vinh city, which is described as the “Green City” of the Mekong Delta region, is home to nearly 15.000 trees. Of these, about 800 trees are more than 100 years old.

The peaceful city is under the shade of green hundred-year-old ancient trees. Rows of tamarind and golden oak trees line green streets in the inner area of Tra Vinh city. The trees have become familiar in memories of the Tra Vinh people. When the Tra Vinh people mention the street names, the explorers also recognize its unique things. Tra Vinh city has Hang Me street, Hang Sao street, Cay Dau street, etc.

In the days of social distancing measures under Directive 16 to prevent the Covid-19, the green city is more peaceful. The green trees still silently bring fresh, cool air and quietly lull the city to rest these days.

Then the city will overcome the pandemic. Everything will back to the trajectory of daily life. Tra Vinh people and their nature friends will return to the joyful and bustling life of a peaceful green city. Tra Vinh – the love of the land, love of people!

Ngoc Thu