Tra Vinh University and Eduten plan to implement the Finnish Math program


On March 3, 2021, the Institute of Resource Development of Tra Vinh University (RDI) participated in the online meeting with representatives of Eduten company under the University of Turku which is known as one of the oldest and largest universities in Finland and is ranked in 1% of the best universities in the world.

From RDI, there is the participation of Ph.D. Nguyen Van Nguyen, Director of RDI and many teachers of the Institute. From Eduten, there is the presentation of Mr. Makke Leppänen – Head of External Relations Office of Eduten. The meeting also has the participation of representatives from Hanoi, Hue, Nha Trang and Ho Chi Minh City. The meeting mainly focuses on the introduction of Eduten Playground’s educational program with three main benefits for students, teachers and administrators. Specifically, according to Mr. Makke Leppänen, more than 100 studies have been conducted. The results showed that students have improved their academic achievement. The program has stimulated students to learn better and help them to reduce the fear of learning math. On the other hand, the program has optimized the effectiveness for teachers thanks to the ability to analyze learning data helping teachers to find out the progress of each student. This program also helps managers observe changes in students’ learning levels with direct updated data.


Eduten Playground is a Finnish digital-based math program for students from grades 1 to 9. Eduten Playground improves students’ dynamics and learning outcomes and helps teachers get more excited through pre-planned lessons and learning results analysis software. Eduten Playground gets all of these achievements thanks to combining excellently Finnish education with the digitization of exercises and AI (Artificial Intelligence). 

At the meeting, Dr. Nguyen Van Nguyen suggested Eduten provide accounts for partner organizations so that they can experience and learn more about the learning background and be ready for technical training sessions in the second week of March.