Tra Vinh University connects with successful alumni


(TVU) – On April 23, 2024, Tra Vinh University (TVU) organizes the “Dare to Think Big for Success” program, connecting successful alumni with nearly 150 students in attendance.

Sharing at the program are two distinguished alumni: Mr Nguyen Quoc Hung, Chairman of HPK Technology and Training Joint Stock Company, Director of Phu Hung Smart Home and Solar Solutions Company, and Standing Member of Tra Vinh Province’s Startup Advisory Council; and Mr Huynh Hoang Trieu, Director of Hoang Trieu Chinese Center and Member of Tra Vinh Province’s Startup Advisory Council.

Representing Tra Vinh University is Mr Nguyen Van Vu An, M.Sc., Director of Tra Vinh Province’s Business Incubator and Director of Tra Vinh University’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center.

Mr. Nguyen Van Vu An emphasizes the importance of connecting the university with businesses and alumni with students. He affirms the university’s commitment to supporting student entrepreneurship and personal development, encouraging students to participate in entrepreneurial and innovative activities. He expresses the desire for alumni to share their experiences with the students.

On this occasion, the alumni share their entrepreneurial journeys and personal success stories, conveying meaningful messages about the importance of daring to think big, dream, and take action. They also take time to address students’ questions and provide advice on study, entrepreneurship, and career orientation.

The event unfolds in an energetic atmosphere with many student questions and discussions. Students express their impressions with the alumni’s sharing and feel inspired.