Tra Vinh University continues to rise to 42nd in the Top 100 of WURI Ranking 2024


TVU – The World Universities with Real Impact (WURI) has just announced its ranking of universities with a real impact. According to the announcement, Tra Vinh University continues to rise in the rankings in 2024, securing the 42nd position in the Top 100 WURI Ranking of universities with a positive influence and contribution to society.

In the ranking of 13 component indicator groups, the university secures the top position in the Culture/Value indicator group (B5), ranking in the Top 10 for Generative AI Application (A7), and the Top 15 for Funding in the education sector (B2).

Nhà trường nhiều năm liền vào Top 200 trường đại học có môi trường giáo dục xanh và đầu tư phát triển bền vững, theo UI GreenMetric Ranking.

For many consecutive years, Tra Vinh University has been ranked in the Top 200 universities with a green educational environment and sustainable development investment, according to the UI GreenMetric Ranking.

This is the 5th consecutive year that Tra Vinh University (TVU) has continued to rise in the Top 100 rankings. This year, TVU makes its mark by being ranked first in the B5 component indicator group for culture/value, thanks to its efforts in promoting innovation and creativity among students, lecturers, and university administration. The university encourages collaborative thinking with learners and the business community instead of solely focusing on the university and lecturers.

Additionally, the university actively considers the potential social impact on its training programs to update them to labor market demands, involving relevant stakeholders, especially students and the business community. TVU expands Co-op training programs with businesses, provides on-demand training, and promotes educational quality accreditation according to international standards, allowing learners to access advanced global education and gain a competitive advantage in the international labor market. Students have opportunities for internships or participation in international research projects, receiving scholarships for study abroad or student exchange programs.

Furthermore, the university conducts teaching, research, conservation, promotion, and development activities related to the language, culture, and arts of the Khmer ethnic community in the Mekong Delta region. It organizes exhibition spaces for traditional cultural products, fostering a love for cultural traditions and the language of ethnic minorities.

Environmental protection education is integrated into the teaching curriculum through various methods, such as incorporating environmental protection skills into the soft skills training program for regular students, treating it as a course within the training program. The university organizes diverse extracurricular activities, events, seminars, and competitions related to the environment, encouraging students to participate in environmental protection activities.
Hạng 1 về Văn hóa và thúc đẩy đổi mới, sáng tạo

Ranked 1st for Culture and Promoting Innovation and Creativity (Culture/Values)

Additionally, the university offers tuition fee exemptions and reductions, academic scholarships, corporate and individual sponsorships from domestic and international sources, and allowances for underprivileged, ethnic minorities, and outstanding students. It implements a student loan policy to support learning, research projects, and startup incubation. The university has a clear future orientation, encouraging entrepreneurship, lifelong learning, and helping students find employment after graduation.

TVU expands the teaching of diverse languages such as English, Japanese, French, Korean, Chinese, and Khmer, enabling students to access various employment opportunities both domestically and internationally, as well as in the multilingual labor market, enhancing their integration capabilities. The university connects students with businesses, strives to create jobs for students, expands internship opportunities at companies, organizes extracurricular activities, and encourages the establishment of research clubs, startup incubators, community service clubs, skill clubs, creative clubs, cultural and artistic clubs, sports clubs, martial arts clubs, blood donation clubs, environmental clubs for a better world, and student cooperatives and farmers’ associations within the university.

Hạng 10 về Ứng dụng AI trong nhà trường

Ranked 10th for Generative AI Application in the University

Currently, TVU is also ranked in the Top 10 for Generative AI Application (A7), one of two new criteria this year, focusing on how universities are pioneering the application of artificial intelligence (AI) and technology in teaching, learning, research, and university activities. TVU secures the Top 15 ranking for the Funding criterion (B2), which concentrates on the innovative approaches a university implements to mobilize resources to support students, lecturers, serve the community, uphold social responsibility, and apply new attraction measures.

Hạng 15 về Huy động đầu tư lĩnh vực giáo dục

Ranked 15th for Attracting Investment in Education (Funding)

This result is an encouragement for the unrelenting efforts of the collective staff, lecturers, students, and employees, as well as the support of central and local agencies, partners both domestically and internationally in cooperation, investment expansion, innovation, improving training quality, teaching and learning activities, scientific research, and pursuing community service values and social responsibility. These efforts have not only enabled TVU to enhance its educational and training quality, realize its development potential, but also contribute to the sustainable development of the university and community values.

The university currently offers 19 educational programs accredited according to international standards by FIBAA, AUN, and ABET, placing TVU among the top universities in the Mekong Delta region with numerous internationally accredited educational programs.

These include 7 programs accredited by FIBAA (Europe), 11 programs accredited by AUN-QA standards (Southeast Asia), and 1 program accredited by ABET standards (USA). The Ministry of Education and Training accredits the Odonto – Stomatology program. Meanwhile, the university is continuing to pursue accreditation for its remaining programs soon.

The 11 internationally accredited AUN-QA educational programs at Tra Vinh University are Agriculture, Aquaculture, Veterinary Medicine, Nursing, Medical Laboratory Technology, Pharmacy, Khmer Language, Food Technology, Master of Culture, Early Childhood Education, and English Linguistics.

The 7 internationally accredited FIBAA programs include Business Administration, Economics, Law, Accounting, Banking and Finance, Master of Business Administration, and Master of Economic Management. ABET accredits the Information Technology program. For many consecutive years, the university has ranked in the Top 200 universities with a green educational environment and sustainable development investment, according to the UI GreenMetric Ranking.