Tra Vinh University crowns champion in “Action in the Context of AI” eloquence contest


TVU – The School of Economics and Law at Tra Vinh University (TVU) culminated its 2024 Student Eloquence Contest on May 9th with a night of captivating presentations on the theme “Action in the Context of AI.”

Dr. Nguyen Tan Dat, Vice Principal of the School of Economics and Law, opened the final round.

The rigorous competition attracts top talent:

Dr. Nguyen Tan Dat, Vice Principal of the School of Economics and Law, opened the final round. The contest, held in April 2024, saw over 30 students participate in the preliminary round. Twelve finalists emerged, ready to showcase their skills.

Focus on essential skills for the AI Era:

Dr. Dat emphasized the contest’s focus on evaluating critical skills for success in today’s globalized and AI-driven environment. These included independent and teamwork, presentation, and analytical and problem-solving skills.

Group debate challenges

Individual and Group debate challenges:

The final round tested the students’ abilities in both individual and group settings:

Individual Debate: Contestants randomly drew questions related to AI and had 15 minutes to prepare and 10 minutes to present their arguments.

Group Debate: Students were divided into two groups by lottery and debated a topic provided by the judges. Each group had 15 minutes for preparation, with individual members allocated 2 minutes to debate against the opposing team.

Celebrating Excellence:

The Organizing Committee recognized the outstanding performances of the finalists: First place: Dinh Bui Hieu Le; Second place: Nguyen Thanh Thang; Third place: Tran Hoang Nhan; Consolation prizes: Nguyen Long Nhan, Nguyen Thanh Hoai, Truong Anh Nhut, Nguyen Y My, Trinh Thi Tuyet Anh.

Leveraging the Power of AI:

This Eloquence Contest served as a valuable platform for students to explore the complexities of Artificial Intelligence and hone the communication skills necessary for navigating a future increasingly shaped by AI.

By My Nhien