Tra Vinh University delivers free hand sanitizers to community


(TVU) – To stave off coronavirus in the scarcity situation of hand washing solutions, Tra Vinh University has produced hand sanitizers to provide to its students and local people.

Mrs. Son Thi Se Da in Ward 9, Tra Vinh City said: “I am so happy to receive hand washing bottles from Tra Vinh University. My family has not currently got good conditions in preventing coronavirus. Thank you very much for your kind assistance and timely support.”

“The hand sanitizers have been produced according to the formula and instructions of the World Health Organization (WHO); therefore, they are safe for users. In the first phase, TVU has prepared 1,500 bottles to offer to 1,000 households in 10 communes in Tra Vinh province and 500 bottles to TVU students. In the coming time, we expect to prepare more than 1,500 liters of hand sanitizers to deliver to classrooms at high schools in the province and the region”, said Chau Nguyen Tram Yen, Deputy Dean of the School of Applied Chemistry.