Tra Vinh University goes up 16 places on the Webometrics Ranking of Vietnamese Universities


TVU – In the ranking of January 2023, Tra Vinh University goes up 16 places compared to the ranking period of August 2022, ranked 26/184 in Vietnam and 216/4693 in Southeast Asia on the Webometrics Ranking.

The ranking criteria include the Visibility Index of 50% weight, which measures the spread of the higher education institution’s website and digital resources; the Excellence Index of 40% weight, measured in 10% of most cited articles in Scopus’ 27 publishing fields; and Openness Index of 10% weight measuring the number of citations of the top 310 authors of higher education institutions on the Google Scholar system.

In this ranking, Webometrics still maintains the same ranking method as in August 2022. Specifically, the Visibility criterion has the highest weight (50%), followed by the Excellence criterion with a weight of 40% and the Transparency criterion with a weight of 10%.

However, in this ranking period, the Transparency criterion measures the number of citations of the top 310 authors of higher education institutions on the Google Scholar system instead of the top 210 authors as in previous rankings.
In 2022, Tra Vinh University was honored to receive the Vietnam Digital Awards (VDA) in the category of excellent digital transformation enterprises and non-business units.

Tra Vinh University has been in the Top 200 universities with a green educational environment and sustainable development for many years in a row – according to UI GreenMetric Ranking and Top 100 of WURI Ranking 2022 of the universities with positive contributions to society. Currently, the University is at the TOP in the Mekong Delta with 13 educational programs recognized for international quality accreditation according to FIBAA, AUN-QA, and ABET standards and expanding to accredit the remaining disciplines.

Webometrics is an automatically updated ranking that evaluates the digitization capacity and spreading level, impacting academic resources of higher education institutions based on indicators of diffusion, the influence of website and online information system (visibility), the openness of academic resources on Google Scholar, and scientific citation index on Scopus database system (excellence) of a higher institution education. Twice a year, at the beginning and middle of the year, Webometrics publishes ranking results for universities around the world based on the school’s website and science indicators.

By My Nhien