Tra Vinh University has 03 training programs meeting the AUN-QA standards


(TVU) – Three training programs of Tra Vinh University, including Nursing, Agriculture, and Khmer Language, have just been assessed to meet the AUN – QA (ASEAN University Network-Quality Assurance) standards.

Students of Nursing in their Practical lesson

Learning and research space for students majoring in Agriculture

System of Intensive Classroom – Department of Khmer Language – School of Southern Khmer Language, Culture and Arts

According to the report of external evaluation results sent to Tra Vinh University by the AUN-QA Secretariat on November 1st, 2021, the three mentioned training programs officially met the AUN-QA criteria and requirements. Notably, the program of nursing that has got 5 out of 7 assessment scores was considered excellent according to the quality requirements of AUN-QA.

As an associate member of the Asian University Network (AUN) since July 2014, Tra Vinh University has been making unremitting efforts in building and developing its quality assurance system. The assessment result of the three mentioned training programs had made the total number of those meeting the international education quality standard of Tra Vinh University increase up to 9; thereby helping the University to become one of the top universities in the Mekong Delta with many programs passing the international education quality accreditation of FIBAA and AUN-QA. Specifically, 5 training programs, including Agriculture, Fisheries, Veterinary Medicine, Nursing, and Khmer language, meet the international education quality standards of AUN-QA; 4 training programs meeting the FIBAA standards consist of Business Administration, Economy, Accounting, and Banking & Finance.

Assoc. Prof. Doctor Pham Tiet Khanh, Rector of the University, said: “The achievement is the result of the collective efforts of all teachers and students of Tra Vinh University in improving the training and research quality, especially in the quality assurance activities of education of regional and international standards for educational institutions and training programs”.

For more than 20 years of persisting with its motto and mission, Tra Vinh University always promotes the quality of training, building an advanced and friendly learning environment, pursuing new educational methods, creating a favorable environment for learning, research, working, community service, moving towards an open education ecosystem and lifelong learning. The University has been expanding AUN and FIBAA international education accreditation for health sciences and Language and Economy and ABET accreditation for Engineering and technology industries.  Besides that, the University continues to improve its training quality is orienting towards the world educational standards, building an advanced learning and research environment, and international integration – Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pham Tiet Khanh affirmed.

Recently, Tra Vinh University was ranked 71st in the top 100 of WURI Ranking 2021. It is an influential university making positive contributions to society and ranked 17th (increase seven levels), ranked the top 50 for the value of entrepreneurship and innovation, and 48th in the top 50 for expanding cooperation and international student exchange, opportunities for student exchange between foreign educational institutions.

For many years, TVU has been ranked in the top 100 universities with positive influence and contributions to society by WURI Ranking – a ranking system of world universities with real impact; the top 200 sustainable and friendly green universities according to UI GreenMetric rankings. The University has soon applied an effective quality management system, meeting ISO 9001-2000 standards; now, it has undergone ISO 9001-2008, ISO 9001-2015 versions. Tra Vinh University is also one of the universities having many university programs that passed the international education quality accreditation of FIBAA and AUN-QA.

The ASEAN University Network-Quality Assurance (AUN-QA) provides its assessment standards with 11 standards, including 50 criteria. The total score is the average score of all criteria evaluated at 7 rating scales, including 1 = absolutely inadequate; immediate improvements must be made; 2 = inadequate, improvements necessary; 3 = inadequate, but minor improvements will make it adequate; 4 = adequate as expected (meeting the AUN-QA guidelines and criteria); 5 = Better than adequate (exceeding the AUN-QA guidelines and criteria); 6 = example of best practices; 7 = excellent (world-class or leading practices). The evaluation score of the entire program is the average of all 50 criteria. 4.0 is the threshold score that meets the quality accreditation standards of AUN – QA.

Eleven standards of assessment consist of (1) Expected learning outcomes; (2) Program specification; (3) Program structure and content; (4) Teaching and learning strategy; (5) Student assessment; (6) Academic staff quality; (7) Support staff quality; (8) Student quality and student support activities; (9) Facilities and Infrastructure; (10) Quality improvement; and (11) Output.

My Nhien