Tra Vinh University has become a member of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centers Network


TVU – On March 25, 2023, at Hue University, the Connecting Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centers Network Forum for universities and colleges was held, co-organized by the National Innovation Center (NIC) and Hue University, with the support of the US Agency for International Development (USAID) and Google Asia-Pacific. Tra Vinh University received a decision to join the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centers Network at universities and colleges nationwide.

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centers Network at universities and colleges in Vietnam aims to connect and enhance close cooperation between organizations with the same function and mission of supporting and promoting innovation and entrepreneurship in universities and colleges. The goal is to implement innovative activities in training, research, technology transfer, and comprehensive capacity development for universities and colleges, with the core values of the Network being Connectivity, Cooperation, and Innovation.

Tra Vinh University is honored to be the first university in the Mekong Delta region to participate in the network and serve as the Chairman of the network of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Centers at universities and colleges in the Mekong Delta.

The main tasks include connecting and supporting member universities in the region to effectively implement criteria such as establishing policies to promote innovation and entrepreneurship. The main tasks include: media and communication activities, support for entrepreneurship training, creating an environment to assist students in starting their own businesses, providing funding for entrepreneurial activities, and creating social and community impacts.

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center at Tra Vinh University provides a favorable legal environment, facilities, and opportunities for young people to start their own businesses, connect with universities, incubators, and other innovation and entrepreneurship centers nationwide. In recent times, the entrepreneurial movement at Tra Vinh University has spread widely among students, promoting connection activities and developing product ideas that attract many projects and startup topics. This helps students develop entrepreneurial ideas while still in school, gain confidence, and aim for success in their careers after graduation.