Tra Vinh University held a workshop on HACCP for students majoring in Post-Harvest and Sea food Processing


In order to help students understand more about HACCP, in the evening of November 27, 2011, TVU held a workshop on HACCP presented by Ms. Laura-Marie Russell-Hill – an intern from Fisheries and Marine Institute of Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada (MI) currently working at Faculty of Agriculture & Aquaculture of TVU. Ms. Laura shared some information about HACCP for TVU students majoring in Post -harvest and Seafood processing.
She explained about HACCP. HACCP is the abbreviation of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point. It’s a systematic and preventive approach to ensure food security. It deals with potential biological, chemical and physical hazards by anticipating where problems occur and preventing them. She also shared students further information such as the necessary to have HACCP certificate of a food company, some steps and some principles to make a HACCP plan.
Ms. Laura’s provided students with deeper understanding about HACCP. At the workshop, students also had a chance to discuss with each other about a few things related to Food and was explained by Ms. Laura. The workshop supplied some more knowledge about HACCP and it would be a valuable thing for them after graduation from university.

Written by Huynh Trang