Tra Vinh University hold a 2021 Staff Conference


TVUOn December 24, Tra Vinh University held the 2021 Staff Conference to summarize the activities in 2020 and set the direction for the year of 2021.


The conference had the attendances of the university’s leaders, Deputy heads of the university’s faculties, Youth Union, Trade Union, and People’s Inspection Committee.

Speaking at the meeting, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pham Tiet Khanh, Secretary of the Party Committee, Rector of Tra Vinh University, said: “In the academic year 2020-2021, the Covid-19 pandemic has complicated developments, directly affecting the teaching and learning activities of the school. Despite facing many difficulties, all of the teachers, staff and students of Tra Vinh University always strive to overcome and fulfill its tasks. The school has actively changed for the appropriate teaching method, converted from face-to-face training to online training, and implemented many activities to adapt to the new situation.”

The report on the academic year of 2020-2021 concluded that the direction and management work at school units were always performed synchronously and consistently. Conferences and seminars were held as planned and scheduled. Training and scientific research activities among students and lecturers have been implemented effectively. The highlights that were mentioned in the report included implementing strictly the epidemic prevention and control work, coordinating to carry out the vaccination against the Covid-19 pandemic, ensuring health and safety for the university’s staff, teachers and students.

“Understanding and sharing difficulties of the students due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the university decided to reduce 10% of tuition fees for all official students. The amount of exemption and reduction was estimated at 10 billion VND.”, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pham Tiet Khanh added.

Quality assurance was focused. The University has 11 programs that have achieved international education quality accreditation AUN – QA and FIBAA; In which, 05 training programs meeting the international quality standards of AUN-QA are Agriculture, Fisheries, Veterinary Medicine, Nursing, Khmer language; and 06 programs meeting international quality standards of FIBAA include Business Administration, Economy, Accounting and Finance, Master of Business Administration, and Master of Economic Management. In December, the University has completed the accreditation of the ABET for the program of Engineering and Technology.

In 2021, Tra Vinh University was ranked in the top 200 sustainable and friendly green universities according to the UI GreenMetric Ranking of international green universities; ranked 71st in the Top 100 universities with positive influence and contributions to society by the WURI Ranking 2021.

International cooperation activities took place in many forms which were suitable to the situation of the world. International conferences and seminars were organized to attract international experts and scientists.

The conference received opinions and proposals about solutions and plans in 2022. The participants have proposed many solutions to improve training quality, promote scientific research among lecturers and students, develop service production and student job introduction activities, etc.

In the meeting, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pham Tiet Khanh called on all staff, teachers, and students of the university to join hands to overcome difficulties; promote the obtained achievements; build the development plans for each unit adapting to the new situation. In particular, the faculties researched the development roadmap in accordance with the tasks and expectations of the university’s leaders towards the establishment of member universities of Tra Vinh University.

My Nhien