Tra Vinh University holds a mock trial and propagates the election law for Vi Thanh High School students (Hau Giang province)


On April 14, 2021, the School of Economics and Law, Tra Vinh University cooperates with Vi Thanh High School (Hau Giang province) to organize a “mock trial” in combination with advice on election law of the National Assembly and People’s Councils for 300 highschool students.

At the mock trial session, TVU students transform into characters such as chairman, people’s assessors, procuracy staff, lawyers, defendants, … They reconstitute the case of illegally buying and selling heroin, force lawbreakers to be punished by law for their endangered acts. Since then, they educate people to live usefully for society and always obey the law.

TVU lecturers and students have also propagated the Election Law of the National Assembly and People’s Councils to the high school students and the local people.

M.A. Do Thi Mai Thu, lecturer of TVU’s Law Department shares the issue of participating in the election, the electoral age, the rights and obligations of citizens when participating, voting, and so on.

Mr. Vo Thanh Son, Vice-Rector of Vi Thanh High School highly appreciates the law dissemination activities through the mock trial. These activities supplement the legal knowledge in a new method and attract many students to participate.