Tra Vinh University Hospital: Gradually improving the quality of medical examination and treatment.


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Trà Vinh University Hospital was established in 2017 on the basis of the Medical Center of Trà Vinh University. It has a new model of combining medical care, training, and scientific research to meet social needs.

Besides medical care, the hospital also trains students in the health sciences, conducts scientific research, participates in community health research projects and epidemiology, and promotes health education for the community.

In recent years, the hospital has implemented advanced techniques such as painless endoscopy for the diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestinal diseases, dental implant techniques, rhinoplasty surgery, and traditional medicine treatments.

The hospital is also equipped with mammography machines and CT scanners for breast cancer screening and diagnosis of various diseases. The hospital has a team of doctors from various fields who participate in health check-ups and treatment for patients with health insurance.

In 2021, the hospital received over 120,000 outpatients, including 105,422 health-insured patients, and treated over 3,200 inpatients. In 2022, the number of outpatients increased to over 179,300, with health-insured patients accounting for 153,327, and there were over 7,300 inpatients.