Tra Vinh University hosts 2nd information search and self-study skills contest 2024


(TVU) – On April 25-26, 2024, Tra Vinh University organizes the 2nd Information Search and Effective Self-Study Skills Contest, attracting a large number of students to participate and cheer.

In attendance are representatives from the Center for Excellence in Learning Resources and Innovation (CELRI) leadership, including Dr Tieu Thanh Thuy, Director; Ms Truong My Huyen, M.Sc., Deputy Director; Ms Nguyen Thi Kim Thanh, M.Sc., Deputy Director, along with CELRI staff.

The judging panel consists of Ms Truong My Huyen, Ms Dang Thi Han Ly, and Ms Huynh Thi My Dung.

In the Information search and document comprehension skills section, contestants have 60 minutes to search for 5 documents with a keyword topic provided by the judges. They then read and summarize the content of 1 document from the 5 found documents.

A representative from the contest organizing committee evaluates and acknowledges that the contestants performed very well in this section, demonstrating confidence and thoroughness in their presentations. The contestants also shared valuable practical experiences, spread the spirit and methods of self-study, and encouraged others to participate in this contest. The committee believes that with effort and dedication, the contestants will be able to improve themselves and achieve great success in the future.

In the Self-study presentation section, each contestant has 5 minutes to present their self-study methods, self-study process, and use of resources at CELRI to the judging panel. The judges can ask questions related to the contestant’s presentation.

The contest aims to provide a healthy and academically beneficial playground for students while encouraging them to utilize the resources of the Center for Excellence in Learning Resources and Innovation. It promotes self-study skills, knowledge exploration, and research, as well as enhancing students’ learning quality and ability for self-improvement. Additionally, the contest facilitates meetings, exchanges, and knowledge sharing about self-study methods among students.


At the end of the two sections, the judging panel awarded the First Prize to Le Ngo Khoi Nguyen, a student from the 2018 Dentistry Class A; the Second Prize to Lam Hoang Dieu Phuong, a student from the 2018 Pharmacy Class C; the Third Prize to Do Tran Long Nhan, a student from the 2018 Dentistry Class A; and two Encouragement Prizes to Pham Phu Loc, a student from the 2021 Primary Education Class D, and Tran Trung Hau, a student from the 2020 Pharmacy Class A.