Tra Vinh University hosts 3rd Khmer language eloquence contest for students


Tra Vinh University’s School of Southern Khmer Language, Culture, Arts and Humanities fosters cultural pride and language proficiency through the 3rd annual Khmer Language Eloquence Contest.

Held on April 20th, 2024, the contest attracted nearly 80 participants from high schools in Tra Vinh, Bac Lieu, Vinh Long, and Can Tho provinces. Contestants underwent three rounds: greetings, self-selected topic eloquence, and situational eloquence.

Dr. Ngo So Phe, the School’s rector, emphasized the contest’s role in preserving Khmer cultural identity and encouraging fluency among young people. 

Developing Public Speaking Skills:

The competition format challenged students with three rounds: greetings, self-chosen topics, and situational responses.

This format honed students’ public speaking abilities, critical thinking, and confidence while showcasing their knowledge of Khmer culture, history, and societal issues.

Celebrating Achievements:

The contest awarded prizes in various categories, including best overall, individual eloquence, situational response, and most impressive contestant.

Tra Cu District Ethnic Boarding High School (Tra Vinh) secured the first-place prize, followed by Vinh Long Province Ethnic Boarding High School and Tra Vinh University’s Khmer Pedagogy class of 2021.


Commitment to Cultural Preservation:

This annual event reflects Tra Vinh University’s dedication to promoting Khmer heritage and language skills among students.

The university strives to organize similar enriching activities that foster learning, exchange, and cultural appreciation.