Tra Vinh University: Inaugurating the accreditation of training programs according to ABET standards in the field of Information Technology


Tra Vinh University has just held the opening ceremony of accrediting training programs according to ABET (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology) standards. The accredited training program is the major of Information Technology of the Engineering and Technology Faculty, Tra Vinh University.

ABET’s international accrediting experts include Dr. Jeffrey Alan Lasky, Dr. Peter ChunYu Yau, and Dr. Chia-Chi Teng. The accreditation process was conducted from December 5 to December 9, 2021.

The accreditation team has assessed the School’s training program through 08 standards: Students (learners), Program Educational Objectives, Outcome standards, Continuous Improvement, Curriculum, Faculty, Facilities, Institution’s Support along with the specific standard of the program (Program Criteria).

ABET, American Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology training programs, is a prestigious Accreditation Organization globally, ranked the top by the business community and universities.

Experts say that any university which has a training program accredited to meet quality standards by ABET organization will have international recognition for its training quality of the assessed programs, with high-quality assurance conditions in terms of facilities, qualified instructors, advanced training programs, and active teaching methods, helping learners to develop their own capacity and meet the recruitment requirements of enterprises.

Thereby, students majoring in those accredited by ABET at Tra Vinh University will benefit from finding jobs, integrating with the international labor market, and improving their abilities.

Tra Vinh University is also known as one of the top universities in the Mekong Delta, with many programs that have achieved international education quality accreditation according to the criteria of AUN-QA and FIBAA. Previously, it had 12 programs that have achieved international education quality accreditation AUN – QA and FIBAA. In which, 05 training programs meeting the international quality standards of AUN-QA were Agriculture, Fisheries, Veterinary Medicine, Nursing, Khmer language; and 07 programs assessed international quality standards of FIBAA included Business Administration, Economy, Accounting and Finance, Laws, Master of Business Administration, and Master of Economic Management. The university has been accrediting the AUN international education quality for health sciences and the ABET for engineering and technology.

My Nhien