Tra Vinh University introduces Plant Protection Engineering major for 2024 admission


Tra Vinh University (TVU) is excited to announce the launch of its new Plant Protection Engineering major for the 2024 academic year. This program aims to equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to address the challenges of crop protection and sustainable agriculture.

Admission Requirements:

  • Eligible Exam Groups: A02 (Math, Physics, Biology), B00 (Math, Chemistry, Biology), B08 (Math, Biology, English), D90 (Math, Natural Sciences, English)


Bachelor’s Degree in Plant Protection Engineering: 4.5 years (9 semesters, 150 credits, excluding Physical Education and National Defense Education)

Target Audience:

Domestic and International Students: TVU welcomes applications from both Vietnamese and international students, adhering to the admission regulations set by the Ministry of Education and Training and TVU’s policies.

Scholarship Opportunities:

  • Comprehensive Scholarship Support: Students have access to a range of scholarships based on academic merit and financial need, which is in line with the general policies of the Ministry of Education and Training and TVU.
  • Additional Scholarship Sources: Students may also be eligible for scholarships offered by various companies and organizations.

Career Prospects:

  • Diverse Employment Opportunities: Graduates of the Plant Protection Engineering program will be well-prepared for a variety of careers in the field of plant protection, including:
    • Plant Protection Production and Business Management
    • Plant Protection Research
    • Plant Quarantine and Inspection
    • Seed Selection and Plant Science
    • Biotechnology
    • Agricultural Services

Learn More and Apply:

Embrace a Future in Sustainable Agriculture:

Join TVU’s Plant Protection Engineering program and become a leader in safeguarding crops, ensuring food security, and promoting sustainable agricultural practices.