Tra Vinh University launches first Green Sunday in 2023


On the morning of March 19, the first nationwide Green Sunday in 2023 was held
at Zone I of Tra Vinh University.

The launch program of “The first national Green Sunday in 2023” with the theme
“Segregating waste at source for a green and clean environment” attracted the
participation of many lecturers and more than 450 youth union members from
faculties of Tra Vinh University. The program helped officials, union members, and
young people develop positive attitudes, and environmentally friendly behaviors.
Also, it encouraged people to actively participate in environmental preservation,
climate change adaptation, and the prevention and control of natural disasters and
epidemics in 2023.

The youth union members and young people participated in the program by gathering,
classifying, and correctly treating all types of garbage at the source, cleaning the
campus’s roadways, self-study area, and faculty rooms. Also, they trimmed trees and
planted new ones, as well as cleaned up the grass around the dormitories.

Green Sunday is a regularly held activity where people work together to solve the
problem of environmental pollution and respond to climate change. The purpose of
Green Sunday is to help students understand their role and responsibilities in the
classification and treatment of waste at the source, contributing to the formation of the
“Green University.”

Through the programs, union members and young people’s awareness of their part in
creating a green, clean, and beautiful environment was raised, and this inspired them
to take voluntary action to care for the environment and trees.

The first Green Sunday of 2023 started with an opening ceremony as part of a
celebration of the 92nd anniversary of the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union
(March 26, 1931 – March 26, 2023) and a response to Youth Month 2023. Thereby,
the program helped to highlight the role of Tra Vinh University’s impulsive,
responsible, and creative young generation in environmental preservation and climate
change reaction.

By Lan Anh