Tra Vinh University manufactures 3-axis CNC milling machine


(TVU)- Tra Vinh University has just manufactured and put into use a 3-axis CNC milling machine which is capable of milling 2D, 3D and sculpting on both metal and nonmetal materials. 

Dr. Cao Phuong Thao, head of the research group said: “The 3-axis CNC milling machine’s interface is friendly with users. It is easy to use and capable of running automatically. It means after a certain time, the machine will produce a finished product without any intervention by people.”

It is known that the equipment only accounts for around 35-40% compared to the cost of similar devices on the market but it still ensures all the features with its optimal accuracy.

At TVU School of Engineering and Technology, the milling machine is one of products used to serve teaching and startup initiatives. This product also promises to be installed and transfered to community in near future. 

Ngoc Thu