Tra Vinh University operates air quality monitoring systems


(TVU) – Tra Vinh University has just installed and operated four air quality monitoring systems at the main campus, TVU hospital and other two campuses. 

According to the evaluation report, this air quality monitoring system has currently measured the air quality index in the range of 45-60 (from 0 to 50 is good and from 51 to 100 is moderate). 

After the system came into operation, it has received very positive feedback from students and local people. To track these indicators, it is suggested to install the application called PAM Air on smartphones. 

(PAM Air:

Along with operating this air quality monitoring system, at the end of December 2019, Tra Vinh University put into use a solar power system with capacity of 100KWp. The system generates an average of 500KW each day (equivalent to 15MW /month), accounting for 10% of total electricity consumption in TVU main campus.

Tra Vinh University is currently one of two Vietnamese universities in the list of the top 300 sustainable green universities in the world. The university has 6 programs received the quality accreditation based on FIBAA and AUN-QA standards. 

Ngoc Thu