Tra Vinh University’s Admission undergraduate programs in Chemical Engineering and Pharmaceutical Chemistry


💥 Are you passionate about chemistry and aspire to become an expert in chemical production, pharmaceuticals, or scientific research?
🌿 Do you desire a stable job, high income, and extensive development opportunities?
👉 Come to Tra Vinh University – where we train reputable and high-quality Chemical Engineering and Pharmaceutical Chemistry experts!

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✅ Chemical Engineering
✅ Pharmaceutical Chemistry

💟 Training duration: 3.5 years leading to a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry; 4 years leading to a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering.
💟 Annual scholarships for female students equivalent to 30% of tuition fees.
💟 Scholarships equivalent to 100%, 70%, 50% of tuition fees in the first year for first, second, and third prize winners of the Chemistry Olympic competition organized by Tra Vinh University.

Admission requirements:
✅ High school academic transcript and graduation exam results
✅ V-SAT (Computer-based University entrance exam) scores
✅ Competency assessment exam results (if applicable)

😍 Studying at Tra Vinh University, you will:

✅ Study with an advanced training program, following the standard framework.
✅ Develop specialized skills, design, manufacture, operate, and maintain chemical technology equipment; apply chemical techniques in practice. Technical management skills and quality management at manufacturing facilities related to the chemical field.
✅ Acquire knowledge and skills such as analysis, synthesis, formulation, and testing of pharmaceuticals, research, and evaluation of the quality of drugs and medicinal materials. ✅ Participate in internships at reputable chemical plants and pharmaceutical factories.
✅ Enjoy various preferential policies for students, such as scholarships and tuition fee exemptions.

🎯 Enjoy preferential policies:
✔️ Support for study loans; exempt or reduce tuition fees per current regulations.
✔️ Job support: Tra Vinh University has a job introduction center. After graduation, 100% of students are introduced to job opportunities can pursue further studies at higher levels.

🔰 Job Opportunities:

With a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Chemical Engineering from Tra Vinh University, you can easily find employment in fields such as
✔️ Research and development of chemicals, pharmaceuticals
✔️ Chemical and pharmaceutical production
✔️ Quality testing of chemicals, pharmaceuticals
✔️ Management of chemical plants, pharmaceutical factories
✔️ Teaching at universities, colleges
✔️ And many other fields

❤ Many students from the university have graduated and are currently working at reputable chemical conglomerates, pharmaceutical companies, and state management agencies both domestically and internationally.
❤ Register now to join the Tra Vinh University community and realise your dreams!

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Translated by Kha Han