Tra Vinh University signs a MoU with the Institute of Physics


TVU – On May 15, 2023, Associate Professor Dr. Nguyen Minh Hoa, the Rector of Tra Vinh University, together with Associate Professor Dr. Dinh Van Trung, the Director of the Institute of Physics, signed a memorandum of understanding on cooperation in the fields of training and scientific research – innovation.

The goal of the cooperation is to develop education, scientific research, training, and organize scientific events, promote innovation, communication, brand promotion, and international cooperation. The aim is to develop long-term, comprehensive, and sustainable cooperation between the two parties.

Speaking at the working session, Associate Professor Dr. Nguyen Minh Hoa, the Rector, stated that based on the functions and tasks of both parties, the Institute of Physics and Tra Vinh University provide many opportunities for collaboration in achieving the goal of developing education and scientific research. The Rector of Tra Vinh University hopes that all parties will collaborate successfully to strengthen and develop long-term, comprehensive cooperation between the two parties.

Associate Professor Dr. Dinh Van Trung, the Director of the Institute of Physics, stated that the Institute of Physics is the first research institute established by the Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology. The mission of the Institute is to enhance and promote physics research activities and international cooperation. One of the activities is to connect research and training institutions nationwide, promoting both fundamental and applied research in the field of physics. Tra Vinh University is one of the higher education institutions in the Mekong Delta region with great potential in training and promoting applied physics research. Therefore, both parties have the potential to collaborate and develop a strong team of scientific researchers.

During the signing ceremony, both parties discussed and introduced the research direction and training at the Theoretical Physics Center, the main research and development direction of the Physics Department at Tra Vinh University, the research and training direction at the Center for Technical Physics, the Center for Quantum Electronics, and the research direction of high-energy physics at the Institute of Physics. On this occasion, Tra Vinh University proposed cooperation in the field of medical science, specifically in auditory measurement related to the Otorhinolaryngology specialization.