Tra Vinh University students dazzle at Honda Uni Tour 2024: “Shine Your Essence”


(TVU) – The “Honda Uni Tour 2024” program, themed “Shine Your Essence”, takes place on June 1 at Tra Vinh University, featuring the participation of famous artists and a diverse range of attractive and meaningful activities. This event creates a vibrant playground for students, offering many interesting and valuable experiences.

Returning with a grander scale and the message “Shine Your Essence,” Honda Uni Tour 2024 transforms the Tra Vinh University campus into a colorful space with various activity zones, providing an exciting experience for Gen Z to unleash their creativity while participating in the activities and receiving numerous gifts.

The event features an area dedicated to those who love classic style, a chilled-out 90 ‘s-style coffee space, and many beautiful photo corners. Participants can participate in a DIY workshop to decorate genuine Honda tote bags and 3/4 helmets, allowing them to showcase their creativity and create beautiful works.


For those seeking a physical challenge, the Honda Uni Run 2024 invites participants to break through their limits and experience fitness games to improve their health. This playground for Gen Z offers an opportunity to start a new day full of energy and exercise while genuine runners can shine.

Notably, the test drive activity incorporates Gymkhana design and 3D mapping technology, presenting a challenge that has garnered significant attention from Gen Z.

Furthermore, the Music and Dance Talent Search contest is a launching pad for “rising stars” to confidently and creatively showcase their talents through lively singing and dance competitions.


The Music and Dance Talent Search contest participants become youth idols, freely showcasing their singing and dancing talents. Here, attendees can freely check in at virtual living corners displaying trendy car lines from Honda Vietnam.

The contest encourages talented young individuals to express their unique colors with confidence at the Honda Uni Tour. Participants can ignite their youthful enthusiasm in the music category (solo, duet, or group singing), dance category (modern dance), and music and dance category (singing and modern dance combination).

At the Honda Uni Tour space, each area allows attendees to “live virtually” alongside Honda Vietnam’s product lines. Simultaneously, the program includes traffic safety activities to achieve the goal of “no deaths due to traffic collisions by 2045,” such as safe driving instructions and test drives, equipping students with valuable knowledge.

Moreover, Honda Uni Tour 2024 introduces the Decal Creation Contest, inviting fashion-conscious students to freely come up with creative ideas to design stylish decals for their dream cars, showcasing their ability to coordinate unique outfits that occupy the “spotlight” on every street.

Through this contest, students not only compete with their creative abilities but also experience and contribute to promoting traffic safety awareness and safe driving skills.


Adding to the excitement, many students participate in the roadshow, which involves fuel-efficient driving. In particular, the explosive music event with impressive performances by youth “idols” such as AMEE, Da LAB Band, DJ CRANY, and MC Hype BLACK captures the hearts of thousands of students at Tra Vinh University.

According to the Center for Support and Development of Vietnamese Students, “Honda Unitour 2024: Shine Your Essence” is a series of events and experiential activities tailored for students. This is the opening program for the Uni Tour series in Vietnam, organized by the Center for Support and Development of Vietnamese Students (Central Vietnam Student Association) in collaboration with Honda Vietnam, spanning 25 provinces and cities nationwide.

By Hong Truc