Tra Vinh University students win the Third prize in Vietnam Hult Prize SEA 2021


On April 11, 2021, at Ho Chi Minh City Youth Cultural House, the Organizing Committee has just announced the final results of the Vietnam Hult Prize competition in Southeast Asia (2020-2021). Tra Vinh University students win the Third prize (3rd prize) with the Bottled Nectar Nipa project

HULT PRIZE SEA 2021 with the theme: “Food for Good – Transforming food into a vehicle for change” with the participation of 55 Vietnamese and international teams. Each team competes in offline and online forms for 3 subjects: the Vietnamese team is offline in the Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam online team in Hanoi, Da Nang, Binh Duong, Tra Vinh, and international teams from Japan, Bangladesh, India, and China.


Tra Vinh University students who participate in the competition included Nguyen Ba Loc, Ngo Phuoc Loc, Lam Thi Ngoc Yen, and Son Minh Thien. In the final round, the top 6 teams in Vietnam present their project and answer the judges’ questions. TVU team with the project “Bottled Nectar Nipa” excellently completes the presentation and criticism in front of the judges.

Nguyen Ba Loc said: We have to go through a very rigorous and challenging skill training process. My teams have to go through the training program of Hult Prize Sea 2021 in 04 weeks with the theme “Saturday & Sunday Pitch” from experts with different content. After training, the team has 2 weeks to complete their projects and prepares the presentations and criticism in English. Through this contest, the team has the opportunity to connect to the investors through projects with high prizes.

This is the first year TVU students boldly participate in this contest. Their efforts are most prominent by participating in hard training sessions as well as the scoring criteria. They also practice English skills to defend their projects and increase their competitiveness with other teams.