Tra Vinh University team wins bronze medal at the Tra Vinh Volleyball Championship 2024


(TVU) – After dramatic and captivating matches, the Tra Vinh University volleyball team excellently wins the bronze medal at the Tra Vinh Volleyball Championship 2024, taking place from April 12th to April 17th, 2024.

This year’s competition featured seven men’s volleyball teams from various localities and units within the province. The teams were drawn into two groups, competing in a round-robin format within each group. The top four teams from each group advanced to the semifinals and finals.

In particular, Group A includes the Duyen Hai District, Tieu Can District, Cang Long District, and Tra Cu District. Group B includes Tra Vinh University, Duyen Hai town, and Cau Ke district.

With a cohesive playing style, the Tra Vinh University volleyball team convincingly overcome their opponents in Group B to secure a spot in the semifinals. In the semifinals, the Tra Vinh University team has a tense encounter with the Cang Long district team, which was considered the strongest team in the competition. Despite their tremendous efforts, the team did not have the advantage to surpass their opponents.

However, Coach Nguyen Toan Nang’s players did not give up. The team members maintained a high level of concentration and played with the utmost determination in the match for the bronze medal against the Duyen Hai town team.

Although the team was considered the underdog, they surprised everyone by taking the lead in the first 2 sets (25/21 and 25/23). Then, the Duyen Hai town team brings the match back to equilibrium by winning the next 2 sets (25/10 and 25/17). In the decisive 5th set, the Tra Vinh University team once again creates a surprise by surpassing their opponents with a narrow victory of 15/13, securing the bronze medal.

This is a proud achievement for Tra Vinh University sports, demonstrating the training efforts and competitive spirit of the university’s athletes. It also affirms the university’s position in the sports movement of Trà Vinh province.

Dr. Lieu Thanh Tam, Head of the Department of Physical Education, is thrilled with the team’s accomplishment. The university believes that with continued effort and determination, the athletes will achieve even more success in upcoming sports tournaments.

By Hanh Nguyen