Tra Vinh University: The aspiration to innovate


(TVU) – Tra Vinh University entered 2023 with the aspiration of “Innovation and advancement”, with the belief in transformation, breakthrough integration, and strong acceleration with the motto of “Bringing quality learning opportunities to community”.

Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Lâm Minh Đằng visited and celebrated the Lunar New Year 2023 at Tra Vinh University

Tra Vinh University continues to affirm the goal and mission of training quality human resources for the Mekong Delta and the country after over 20 years of establishment and development from the Tra Vinh Community College model and the successful implementation of the Vietnam – Canada Community College project (2001 – 2006 – 2022).

A Lunar New Year-themed corner of TVU

TVU carries on its ambition and mission of “Bringing quality learning opportunities to the community” and aims to be a higher education institution with the orientation of multidisciplinary, multi-level, and multi-form training, providing quality training programs towards international integration.

Over the years, Tra Vinh University has constantly built up a wide network of links with Institutes, Universities, and the business community domestically and internationally, comprehensive cooperation with businesses in training, fostering, recruiting activities, signing cooperation agreements on training co-op programs with leading enterprises, especially in the fields of agriculture, aquaculture, biotechnology and environment, logistics, seaports, energy, technology, and digital transformation.

TVU focuses on improving the training quality in the direction of increasing integration and connection with real-life practice. The school innovates training programs and enhances multilingual training such as English, French, Korean, and Chinese,… Besides, the learning materials system is constantly standardized and updated for learners, implementing international accreditation of training programs, and constantly building and improving the level of lecturers and experts from domestic and international organizations and businesses. During the training process, the university always takes the student as the center to innovate, increase the visits, and practical internships combined with skills training to help students integrate well with the environment.

TVU is a place to incubate ideas in scientific research, technology transfer, and start-up innovation among students. The university always deploys many good policies towards learners such as tuition fee exemption and reduction, accommodation in dormitories, scholarships to encourage female students to study engineering and technology, and student loan support for start-up ideas, introducing job opportunities for students.

With 13 training programs that have achieved international education accreditation according to AUN-QA, FIBAA, and ABET standards, Tra Vinh University is continuing to expand the accreditation of the remaining disciplines to ensure training and providing the labor market with high-quality human resources, converging all factors of physical strength, intelligence, skills,… and the capability of research, innovation, and application of scientific advances – new techniques and technologies in the process of working, serving socio-economic development.

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyễn Minh Hòa, Rector of Tra Vinh University sent a message to congratulate the Lunar New Year 2023: Last year, thanks to the spirit of solidarity, we have overcome many difficulties together and achieved remarkable achievements. In the current era of global integration, “Innovation and progress” is what the University requires from each member of TVU so that we can firmly implement innovations and development strategies together.

Spring aspiration is the awakening of spring energy, youth, and new strength. Along with inheriting the achievements of the previous generation, especially the success of the Vietnam – Canada Community College project. The leadership team of the University, together with all staff, lecturers, and students, are determined to pursue the goals and nurture the ambition to improve the quality of human resource training. A new chapter in the development history is opening with the aspiration to break through international levels, towards the goal of building a smart university, continuing to affirm the quality of training, and fulfilling the mission of “Bringing quality learning opportunities for the community”.

By Thy Truong