Tra Vinh University: Three other training programs participating in the external evaluation of AUN-QA


The three training programs participating in the assessment of international education quality according to AUN – QA standards are Nursing, Agriculture and Khmer Language.

School of Southern Khmer Language, Culture and Art (June 2020)

The evaluation according to AUN – QA standards aims to improve the training quality of TVU towards the international education standards; building an advanced learning and research environment; continuing to affirm TVU’s brand in the context of international integration.

With more than 20 years of persisting in the University’s motto and mission, TVU always strives to promote the quality of training, builds an advanced and friendly learning environment. TVU has participated in national and international quality accreditation programs. In 2019, TVU had 02 training programs that were recognized to meet AUN-QA standards (Aquaculture and Veterinary Medicine), 04 training programs that were recognized to meet FIBAA international education quality standards (Accounting, Business Administration, Economics, Finance – Banking).

Most recently, TVU has been ranked 71st in the Top 100 of WURI Ranking 2021, continued to be in the top of universities with positive influence and contribution to society; Ranked 17th (up 7 places compared to before), in the Top 50 for the value of entrepreneurship and innovation; Ranked 48th in the Top 50 for expanding cooperation and international student exchange opportunities between foreign educational institutions.‎

AUN (ASEAN University Network) is a leading university network of Southeast Asia (ASEAN) established in November 1995 by the initiative of the Council of Ministers of Education of Southeast Asian Countries. AUN-QA is a set of standards with rigorous quality standards, with clear, specific criteria that focus on assessing the conditions to ensure the quality of the training of the entire training program rather than just the training on the characteristics of each specialty.

Tin Di