Tra Vinh University Trade Union donates computers for students with difficult circumstances


On November 19, 2021, Ms. Quach Thi Vu Hue, the Former President of the Trade Union of Tra Vinh University, the Head of the Gender and Ethnicity Department along with leaders of the School of Agriculture and Aquaculture, the Youth Union of the School of Southern Khmer Language, Culture and Arts gave 02 laptops to 02 students, including Thach Chuong Ngoc Tuyen, a student of 2020 Literature and Linguistics Teacher Education course, and Dinh Hoang Hai, a student of 2020 Veterinary Medicine course.

Both students have difficult family circumstances. Despite challenges in earning for living, they have never intended to give up their studies. Ngoc Tuyen used to be an excellent student at Tra Vinh Ethnic Minority High School. She is a second-year student majoring in Literature and Linguistics Teacher Education at Tra Vinh University. She always spends her efforts pursuing her dream of becoming a teacher in the future.

“Understanding the student-living difficulties, the TVU Trade Union has donated with the contribution of teachers and students. This donation has been used to buy 02 computers for their timely and effective online learning. Through such meaningful gifts, we hope that they can use them effectively for their learning, self-development, and pursuing of dreams as well as ambitions.” – Ms. Quach Thi Vu Hue said.

On this occasion, the two students and their families gave special thanks to the teachers and students of TVU. Ngoc Tuyen shared that “This is the first time I have been given such a valuable gift. I would like to express my deepest gratitude to TVU teachers and students for their support. I promise to study hard to acknowledge my grandfather’s upbringing and help from my University and the teachers.”

Thu Nguyet