Tra Vinh University: Two other training programs participating in the international quality accreditation


From October 29 to 31, 2019, Tra Vinh University has two more quality training programs which are accredited with international standards in Fishery and Veterinary of the Faculty of Agriculture and Fisheries under AUN- QA (ASEAN University Network – Quality Assurance) standards.

To prepare for the external evaluation process in accordance with AUN-QA standards for these two programs, from June 2018, Tra Vinh university has established a team specialized staffs to perform related tasks and to organize its self-assessment for the two programs following the AUN – QA criteria. From Our self-assessment period in October 2018 up to now, the university has received a lot of supports from experts of Viet Nam National University Ho Chi Minh City (VNU-HCM).

The AUN-QA has 11 standards with 50 criteria. The total score is the average score of all criteria assessed on 7 scales: 1 = absolutely Inadequate, requiring immediate improvement; 2 = Inadequate and improvement is necessary; 3 = Inadequate but minor improvement will make it adequate; 4 = adequate as expected (meeting requirements of AUN-QA standards); 5 = Better than adequate (beyond the requirements of AUN-QA standards); 6 = Example of Best Practices; 7 = Excellent (Example of World-class or Leading Practices). The overall score for the program is the average of all 50 criteria. 4.0 is a threshold that meets AUN – QA standards.

AUN – QA Delegation at Verterinary labs

AUN – QA Delegation at students’ startup models

AUN – QA Delegation at Startup Center 

AUN – QA Delegation at Job Service Center

AUN – QA Delegation at Learning Resources Center

The external evaluation delegation for the two programs of Fishery and Veterinary that are professors, doctors, and leading experts in field of fisheries, veterinary from various countries including Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, … conducted the activities of researching evidences, doing interviews with the groups of people inside and outside the university including department & training programs’ leaders, lecturers, service staff, students, alumni, businesses and employers. They also observed the university’s teaching and learning activities, practice facilities, experimental camps and extracurricular activities.

TVU always strives to improve its quality of training, and international integration

Tra Vinh University strives to improve its continuously training quality and is gradually integrating into the world in training and research activities, especially in the activities of ensuring education quality under regional and national standards for  the levels of educational institutions and training programs.

The accrediting delegation of FIBAA

“So far, Tra Vinh university has 06 training programs participating in the international quality accreditation. That international quality accreditation process is considered as an important next step on the roadmap for the integration of international education quality of Tra Vinh University. In May 2019, Tra Vinh university has welcomed the accrediting delegation of FIBAA (Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation) to accredit and assess the quality of 04 training programs at university level including accounting, business administration, economics, finance – banking under the Faculty of Economics – Law according to the European testing criteria. In July 2019, the university has successfully completed and achieved quality accreditation for the educational institution according to the quality assessment standards which consists of 25 standards with 111 criteria, issued under the Prime Minister’s Circular No. 12 of the Ministry of Education and Training dated on May 19, 2017. 

In the coming time, the university is going to carry out ABET accreditation for engineering and technology sectors, and the rest programs,  trying to enhance the value of the training process into self learning among students, and to focus on the TVU sustainable developing to be a green campus, friendly and to be integrated university” – Assoc. Prof. Dr Pham Tiet Khanh, Rector of Tra Vinh University said.

Tra Vinh university is a pioneer in the country which signed the Talloires Declaration (2013), committing to build a comprehensive green university. In 2018, TVU was ranked 256th in the top 300 most sustainable developing and eco-friendly universities in the world; is one of the two universities in Vietnam to enter this ranking. According to the 2017 Webometrics rankings, Tra Vinh University was ranked 2nd in the Mekong Delta region and 14th in Vietnam.

Tra Vinh university has also applied effectively the quality management system, early meeting ISO 9001-2000 standard since 2006 and  and up to now it has gone through the versions of ISO 9001-2008 to ISO 9001-2015. Currently, the university is a member of the CDIO – an organization that promotes the educational framework to improve training quality of the universities in technical sectors all over the world. In addition, TVU is also the 151st member – the only international member of the Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC) which is now considered as the Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICan).