Tra Vinh University visited and worked at the Southern Leyte Public University, Philippines


TVU – On March 23, 2023, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Diep Thanh Tung, Vice-Rector of Tra Vinh University (TVU), along with a working delegation, visited and worked at the Southern Leyte Public University (SLSU). SLSU is a traditional and strategic partner of TVU. The two universities have had a cooperation relationship since 2009 in international training, exchange of lecturers and students, as well as research and publishing collaboration.

As part of the plan to internationalize academic activities in general and teaching and learning activities in particular, this working visit focused on exchanging lecturers to internationalize the academic experience of both universities and enhance the capacity for working and studying with foreigners for teachers and students of both universities. Accordingly, lecturers from both universities will participate in research and teaching activities on a voluntary basis and with the permission and encouragement of both universities. In addition, the two universities agreed to exchange English-language digital resources to promote the research and publishing activities of lecturers and students.

In his speech at the signing ceremony, the new President of SLSU, Dr. Jude A. Duarte, affirmed that TVU is a reliable partner of SLSU because the two universities have a long and dynamic history of cooperation, having implemented many successful cooperation agreements. The President of SLSU expressed his gratitude to TVU for accepting lecturers and students from SLSU to intern at TVU.

In response to Dr. Jude A. Duarte’s words, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Diep Thanh Tung confirmed and recognized SLSU’s position in TVU’s international cooperation policy. SLSU is considered a strategic partner of TVU in the Philippines.

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