Tra Vinh University welcomed and cooperated with Neo Science and Technology Institute


(TVU) – On the morning of June 19, 2022, Tra Vinh University received NEO Institute of Science and Technology (NEO) – India and discussed future cooperation activities.

The two sides discussed the transporting of Indian students to study abroad at TVU, specifically in the medical field. In addition, NEO proposed to appoint Indian lecturers to assist in improving training quality, learning efficiency, and exchange in Vietnamese learning to reduce language barriers. This helps Indian students to be able to communicate with Vietnamese partners during clinical practice in hospitals.

NEO Institute of Science and Technology also said that the selection of Vietnam, specifically Tra Vinh University, was based on the output standards for Indian international students when returning home to work after attending TVU.

On this occasion, Tra Vinh University shared about the international training model and training process in recent years, specifically in the field of reception and training of Cambodian international students to TVU, so that the NEO side can enhance the upcoming cooperation activities.

By Thy Truong