Tra Vinh University welcomes freshmen on campus


TVU – On October 3, Tra Vinh University held a welcoming meeting for freshmen. This event is more fun with the attendance of the teachers and students from Preah Sisowath Highschool, Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Diep Thanh Tung, Vice Rector of Tra Vinh University awarded scholarships to students

On the first day being a TVU student

From 6 a.m, the new students gather at Campus 1 of TVU with joyful emotions. In recent years, TVU has enhanced the experience of international students and domestic students through cultural exchange activities, visits, and practical experiences.

First-year student Lê Tú Quyên (from Cà Mau province, Vietnam) confided: Becoming a TVU student is a dream and I have studied hard to achieve it. The cozy atmosphere of TVU becomes the motivation for me to study.

Faculties welcome students with lively programs

Many faculties have organized “Zero-VND markets”, selling food and drinks made by upper-class students. On the main stage, the scholarship program for students is an indispensable part of the meeting.

Specialties from the upperclassmen are sent to the new students as a warmest welcome.

Trần Thị Anh Thư, a first-year student reviewed: Tra Vinh University is a loving home. The teachers and upper-class students have shared about the difficulties that may come to us – the freshmen. They have also guided us to overcome being away from home and become independent in daily life. I feel that I can grow up in the warming environment of Tra Vinh University.

The prize-winning quiz game of the School of Medicine and Pharmacy attracts a large number of students to participate.

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Diệp Thanh Tùng, Vice Rector of Tra Vinh University congratulates the new students for their excellent academic performances. He also said that the students should stay in touch with their families to feel the companionship of their loved ones. The students should have a plan for their daily expenses. They should also visit the Learning Resource Center to raise their sense of self-study, and participate in extracurricular activities to practice working skills. The teachers and the faculties are always ready to support them through difficulties.

The party of connection

The event has been even more meaningful when students of Preah Sisowath High School, Phnom Penh, Cambodia participated in. They are looking forward to experiencing good things waiting ahead. They also promise to study well, helping each other to establish their career and make contributions to the homeland.

The students of Tra Vinh University and Preah Sisowath High School are determined to study hard

45 students and teachers of Preah Sisowath High School visited and experienced the TVU dormitory, enrolled in the welcoming event, and visited Tra Vinh city. They also visited the faculties, Learning Resource Center, Makerspace, Laboratories, and Tra Vinh University Hospital.

In addition, the teachers and students of Preah Sisowath High School went to the TVU Laboratory School to exchange experiences, sign cooperation agreements, and had an exciting football match between students of the two schools.

Students of Tra Vinh University and students of Preah Sisowath High School

The leadership representative of Preah Sisowath High School shared that the school has a history dating back to the French era, as a learning space for royal children and local dignitaries. At present, the school carries out the task of educating with a scale of 4,000 students.

Playing football between students of TVU Lab School and Preah Sisowath High School

Preah Sisowath High School orients a modern educational model with skills in information assessment, group cooperation, dream formation, problem-solving and analysis, and entrepreneurial knowledge. Their vision and mission are to educate students with a combination of knowledge and skills. They set 5 goals: Autonomy, practical experience, effective management, and promoting creativity in teaching and learning in both teachers and students.

The experiences of international students at Tra Vinh University are memorable events for both sides. The teachers and students have exchanged about geography, culture, and learning. The activities help them have more cultural-social practice and learning experiences. They have also gotten advice from TVU’s teachers to gain more information about the majors of Tra Vinh University for later reference and decision-making.

By Thy Truong