Tra Vinh University welcomes Prof. Dr. Andrew Boghen, University of Moncton, Canada


On May 13th, 2012, Tra Vinh University welcomed Prof. Dr. Andrew Boghen, a Professor of Biology at the University of Moncton, Canada. Dr. Pham Tiet Khanh, Rector of Tra Vinh University, together with Vice-Rector Thach Thi Dan and Heads of related departments solemnly met with him.

Prof. Dr. Andrew Boghen has taught a wide number of undergraduate and postgraduate courses, including aquaculture, environmental science, parasitological and integrated coastal zone management. He places special importance on creating working alliances and partnerships between university scientists, communities, government agencies and the private sector. He participated in the establishment of the Aquaculture Association of Canada (AAC) in 1981 and in 2000 he served as President of this organization. He has published extensively in his areas of interest and presented many talks at national and international conferences. Prof. Dr. Boghen is Editor of the widely acclaimed book – Cold-Water Aquaculture in Atlantic Canada, a textbook that has become an important reference for Canadian universities and colleges offering aquaculture and fisheries programs as part of their curricula.

In this business trip to Tra Vinh, Prof. Dr. Andrew Boghen will help the faculties and staff of Tra Vinh University with knowledge sharing and capacity building. This is his second visit to Tra Vinh University.

Dr. Pham Tiet Khanh said the fact that one of the top-ranking Professors of Canada who does not mind however far the distance is, how much time it takes, how many efforts he has to make and how much money he has to spend decided to come to this remote province to help us is really very precious. Dr. Khanh asked the faculties and staff of Tra Vinh University to take this opportunity to widen their knowledge. Besides, Dr. Khanh suggested that they should work closely with Prof. Dr. Boghen to make research plans for developing the aquaculture of Tra Vinh province in particular and of the whole Mekong Delta in general.

Prof. Dr. Andrew Boghen said that the hospitality of the faculties and staff of Tra Vinh University has made him feel like home. Moreover, he admired Tra Vinh University for its very rapid and impressive development, and he promised to continue working with Tra Vinh University in academic and research fields so as to serve the community better and better.