Tra Vinh University worked with Mr. Bronsveld- a representative of University of Twente (the Netherlands)


On December 20, 2011, Mr. Bronsveld- a representative of University of Twente (the Netherlands) came and worked with TVU and the Management Board of Tra Vinh 100 Project. At the meeting, leaders of Department of International Collaboration and Proje ct Promotion and Center of International Cooperation in Education and Training (Cicet) and Mr. Mr. Bui Van Binh- Deputy Director of Tra Vinh Home Affairs Department discussed to find the studying opportunities for the candidates from Tra Vinh 100 Project managed by Tra Vinh  Home Affairs Department . At the meeting, the participants were shown two  presentations about the training programs, research activities and facilities of TVU and the University of Twente which helped the two Institutions understand each other more clearly.

At the meeting, Mr. Bui Van Binh said that the training programs of Master and PhD levels at University of Twente are suitable with the requirements of Tra Vinh 100 Project. The participants also made clear about English requirements, tuition of the University of Twente and living conditions in the Netherlands. The visit of Mr. Bronsveld gave more cooperation activities for the two Institutions and would bring a great studying opportunity for the candidates of Tra Vinh 100 Project at the University of Twente in the near future.

Written by Huynh Trang