Tra Vinh University’s School of Medicine and Pharmacy pursues comprehensive education and practical training


TVU – The School of Medicine and Pharmacy at Tra Vinh University is committed to applying a comprehensive educational approach that emphasizes responsibility and creative thinking and combines teaching with practical, hands-on learning. This approach equips students with the necessary skills and knowledge to become excellent doctors ready to serve the community and contribute positively to the country’s healthcare sector.

An overview of Tra Vinh University Hospital

The Faculty of Odonto – Stomatology, School of Medicine and Pharmacy at Tra Vinh University

The Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, School of Medicine and Pharmacy at Tra Vinh University

Comprehensive education and practice-based learning

Comprehensive education aims to pursue knowledge and understanding across various fields, helping students develop responsibility, critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication abilities. In this system, learning is considered a lifelong continuous journey, where students study not just for grades or degrees but to expand their intellect, nurture curiosity, and enhance their adaptability to the ever-changing world.

Practice-based learning focuses on acquiring knowledge through real-world experiences. Students don’t just learn theory; they participate in classroom activities, laboratory work, internships at healthcare facilities, research projects, and community service endeavours.

Prof. Dr. Pham Tiet Khanh, Chairman of the University Council of Tra Vinh University, presents the appointment decision and congratulatory flowers to the People’s Doctor – Prof. Dr. Ta Van Tram as he assumes the role of Rector of the School of Medicine and Pharmacy.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Minh Hoa, Rector of Tra Vinh University, presents the appointment decision to the School of Medicine and Pharmacy’s Board of Directors.

Establishment of the School of Medicine and Pharmacy

After 12 years as the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy, the School of Medicine and Pharmacy was officially established on February 1, 2024, merging the former Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy and the Faculty of Dentistry. The leadership, faculty, staff, and medical students continue to pursue comprehensive education, striving to become a leading center for healthcare training, research, and community service in the region and internationally.

Academic programs and student enrollment

The School of Medicine and Pharmacy offers 22 health science programs, including 10 undergraduate degrees, 2 master’s degrees, 9 specialist residencies, and 1 sub-specialist residency. Student enrollment has grown from 120 students in 2012 to over 4,250 undergraduate students today.

Academic departments and faculty

The school comprises 6 departments (Medicine, Pharmacy, Public Health, Medical Laboratory Technology, Nursing, and Dentistry) and 2 divisions (Diagnostic Imaging and Rehabilitation Science), with over 254 personnel. Additionally, the Tra Vinh University Hospital, a level-II facility, supports practical training.

Mission and vision

With a vision of becoming a leading medical school in the Mekong Delta region, the School of Medicine and Pharmacy aims to train skilled doctors with solid ethics and a commitment to serving the community’s health needs.

Admissions and programs for 2024

In 2024, the school offers admissions for master’s programs, specialist residencies, and 10 undergraduate health science majors, including:

Undergraduate Programs
1 General Medicine
2 Medical Laboratory (AUN-QA international accreditation)
3 Nursing (AUN-QA international accreditation)
4 Odonto – Stomatology (accredited by the Ministry of Education and Training)
5 Pharmacy (AUN-QA international accreditation)
6 Community Health
7 Rehabilitation
8 Nutrition
9 Preventive Healthcare
10 Medical Imaging Technology

Master Programs
1 Community Health
2 Healthcare Administration

09 First-Level Specialist Programs
1 Internal Medicine
2 Surgery
3 Obstetrics and Gynecology
4 Pediatrics
5 Odonto-Stomatology
6 Medical Laboratory Technology
7 Nursing
8 Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery
9 Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacy

Second-Level Specialist Programs:
Health Administration

The school employs various admission methods, including national high school exam results, direct admission for priority groups, transfer from medical colleges, and entrance exams.

Facilities, curriculum, and faculty

To train high-quality healthcare professionals, the School of Medicine and Pharmacy has invested in modern facilities, including standard medical practice rooms, a multimedia library, comfortable student dormitories, and a green, eco-friendly campus. The Tra Vinh University Hospital, a level-II facility, and provincial and Ho Chi Minh City hospitals provide excellent practical training opportunities.

The curriculum is carefully designed to impart in-depth knowledge and practical skills. Students participate in conferences, forums, and internships at major hospitals to solidify their practical abilities.

The faculty comprises rigorously selected doctors and PhDs with extensive field experience, committed to guiding and supporting students throughout their studies and research.

Quality assurance and international accreditation

The School of Medicine and Pharmacy is committed to delivering international-standard education, ensuring students learn and train according to the highest quality standards. Several programs, including Nursing, Pharmacy, and Medical Laboratory Technology, have achieved AUN-QA international accreditation, while the Ministry of Education and Training accredits Odonto-Stomatology. The school continues to pursue accreditation for its remaining programs.

Career opportunities and graduate employment



Graduates from the School of Medicine and Pharmacy at Tra Vinh University enjoy excellent career prospects. The overall graduation rate in health sciences is over 95%, with a 100% employment rate for medical graduates. Many alumni work as physicians at major hospitals, healthcare consultants, medical researchers, or university lecturers, while others pursue further studies or establish private clinics and healthcare services.

Future development plans

Moving forward, the School of Medicine and Pharmacy aims to enhance scientific research, technology applications, and policy advisory roles in healthcare. It will strengthen practical training through expanded partnerships with healthcare facilities, promote international collaboration in education and research, and continually improve program quality to meet industry demands.

With its quality curriculum, reputable faculty, and modern facilities, the School of Medicine and Pharmacy at Tra Vinh University is steadily establishing its position as a leading healthcare education provider. It nurtures medical talent and fosters comprehensive development and creativity, empowering students to enter the challenging yet rewarding world of healthcare professions confidently.