Training, scientific research and technology transfer are inseparable


Established in June 2006, with ongoing efforts and solidarity in overcoming difficulties and promoting its potential advantages, Tra Vinh University (TVU) has grown strongly in training quality and prestige at home and abroad. TVU is the first provincial university assigned by the Prime Minister to pilot innovation in operating mechanisms with the goal of developing into a university with Professional Oriented Higher Education according to national and international standards.

Photo corner at Tra Vinh University

The knowledge economy is developing in line with the trend of the industrial revolution 4.0. Higher education institutions play a more important role in finding new knowledge, spreading knowledge, and applying the knowledge through different scientific research and technology transfer activities. At the same time, the universities need to update the latest research from the scientific research results and transfer the technology into teaching in order to improve training quality. It is a measure for the universities in applying knowledge to create practical values ​​for life. TVU determined that the three essential components of training, scientific research, and technology transfer are inseparable. It is also a development trend that expands over time to meet the requirements of higher education innovation.

Mr. Nguyen Minh Hoa, Vice President of Tra Vinh University, said: “Over the years, TVU has promoted the activities of applied research and technology transfer among lecturers and students. Particularly, focused on developing the invention space among students and lecturers, such as the Makerspace, student research groups of IEEE- MTT Student Chapter at Tra Vinh University, Lab – invention space for students and lecturers, student cooperative models, student Farmer’s Union, and many policies to encourage the incubation of startup ideas, applied scientific research and technology transfer to serve the community. In the coming time, Tra Vinh University will continue to prioritize the implementation of projects to deploy research products with commercial potential, focusing on investing in strong research directions, prioritize the activities for community service and closely associate with businesses, departments inside and outside the province in ordering researches on development of science and technology, and technology transfer”.

TVU expanded its startup fund, the fund for scientific research of students and lecturers to develop their research ideas creating application products for the community, such as successfully farming disease-free broodstock shrimps, culturing macapuno coconut embryos – on the way to culturing the macapuno coconut tissue and successfully culturing Cordyceps Sinensis, producing salt-tolerant and drought-tolerant rice varieties, manufacturing a device to estimate the percentage of the endosperm of macapuno coconut, automatic thermometers, electric motorcycles, 3D printers, robots, electric motorcycles, 3-axis CNC milling machine; besides, successfully compiling and publishing Vietnamese – Khmer, Khmer – Vietnamese dictionaries with 84,000 words, carrying out many national and ministerial-level research projects such as researches on culture in the sustainable development of the Southwest region, currently basic and urgent issues in the Khmer ethnic community in Vietnam, preservation and promotion of the cultural values ​​of Khmer folk music. There are hundreds of scientific articles of the university’s lecturers that are published in prestigious domestic and international journals. The university also successfully organized many prestigious international conferences, such as: Vietnamese – Hungarian International Conference on sustainable agricultural development and crossbreeding technology, with the participation of 6 countries; The International Conference on Asian-Australasian dairy goat development adapting to climate change, with more than 200 attendances from 18 countries.


Alumnus Luong Manh Duong started his business with high-quality coconut products
Biological products for insect prevention made from the pond apple seeds by TVU students

Student startup project of Bottled Nectar Nipa
Student startup project of Bioplastics from marine shell wastes
Teachers and students succeed in transplanting macapuno coconut embryos
Improving the value of agricultural products of Amorphophallus konjac powder for health – KLEN FARM by TVU students
Culturing successfully Cordyceps sinensis
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Thai Son, TVU young lecturer (left cover) – won the “Golden Globe” awards in 2015 and honored typical Vietnamese intellectuals in 2016
Compiling and publishing 84,000 Vietnamese – Khmer and Khmer – Vietnamese dictionaries

Many unique startup ideas from students have created safe and environmentally friendly products, including using marine shell wastes to make bioplastic products, preparing pesticides from pond apple seeds, probiotics containing zinc nanoparticles to prevent pathogens and bacteria on fruit trees which called NOZ, Amorphophallus konjac powder for health – KLEN FARM which increased the value of Amorphophallus konjac, or Lam Yen ORGANIC bottled herbal tea product, Muntingia Calabura leaf tea product, etc.; Applications of IoT technology with smart sensor systems and applications running on smartphone platform to improve water use efficiency in rice cultivation in the Mekong Delta, automatic control and monitoring system for industrial shrimp farming pond aerator assuring safety for users in changeable weather conditions…

In addition, TVU has developed and improved the quality of the Scientific Journals of Tra Vinh University – ISSN 1859-4816 and periodically published 04 issues each year, with many special issues for domestic & international conferences and seminars at Tra Vinh University in Vietnamese and English under the form of printed and online newspapers. Each online published article is assigned a DOI index and connected to international databases of Crossref, Google Scholar, and BASE. At the same time, the University has been approved and implemented more than 224 topics/projects, including 02 national-level projects (State level), 05 ministerial-level projects, 12 provincial-level projects, and more than 164 grassroots-level projects (school level), including 41 student projects. In addition, the university’s lecturers and students are encouraged to publish their scientific research in domestic and foreign journals. More than 126 articles are published in international journals (92 articles have been published in the Scopus/ISI Indexed journals) and 472 articles in domestic journals, of which 317 articles are from journals scored for scientific works converted by the State Council for Professor Title.

TVU is ranked in the Top 100 universities with positive influence and contributions to society by WURI Ranking, a ranking system of world universities with real impact. For many years in a row, TVU has been in the top 200 sustainable and environmentally friendly green universities in the world by UI GreenMetric ranking. Since 2006, the university has soon applied an effective quality management system, meeting ISO 9001-2000 standards. Up to now, it has undergone ISO 9001-2008, ISO 9001-2015 versions. There are a number of programs that pass the international education quality accreditation of FIBAA and AUN-QA; The university has been continuing to expand AUN international education accreditation for health sciences and agriculture and ABET accreditation for the majors of engineering and technology.

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