TVU contest: “Prevention of drug intrusion into school”


TVU – On July 18, Tra Vinh University coordinates with Tra Vinh Department of Social Evils Prevention to organize a competition “Prevention of drug intrusion into school” for TVU students. It attracts 16 teams with more than 200 students.

Currently, drugs penetrate and attack young people with more sophisticated tricks, especially in the school environment. Facing complicated drug penetration procedures, the whole society needs to pay special attention to combating drugs thoroughly – said Ms. Tran Thi Cuc, Head of Office of Student Affairs.

TVU always promotes education and propaganda activities, raising awareness so that every student is alert, completely prevents drugs from entering the school as well as creating a safe, healthy learning environment.

The contest “Prevention of drug intrusion into school” aims to supplement the knowledge that helps students can confidently and firmly say no to drugs in any case.

Student Huynh Nguyen Kha Binh said: “The competition gives students useful knowledge about the current situation as well as methods to prevent drugs in the school environment, and equip every student to become a propagandist to prevent and fight drug addiction.”

The Organizing Committee awarded First prize to the School of Economics and Law, the Second prize to the School of Public Management, Office Administration, 03 Third prizes, and 05 Consolation prizes for high-performing teams.

Ngoc Thu