TVU Endures “Bring quality learning opportunities to community”


Tra Vinh University (TVU) is a state university operating under the model of multi-level, multi-discipline, multi-mode training, scientific research and application. During 18 years of development, TVU has made significant contributions focusing on training human resources, creating a driving force to accelerate the industrialization and modernization process of the province and the region. At the beginning of academic year 2019-2020, Tra Vinh University was honored to receive the 2nd-class Labor Medal of the State President.

TVU is the first university under the province to be piloted by the Prime Minister to renovate its operating mechanism with a goal of developing into an application-oriented university according to regional and international standards.

Diversified programs and strongly engaged enterprises in training

Tra Vinh University (TVU) with a training quality constantly improved has affirmed its brand. TVU has more than 1,200 lecturers; about 20,000 students studying at all levels with 59 undergraduate majors, 33 graduate majors (25 masters and 08 PhDs), and many other customized training programs in 13 faculties in various areas including Agriculture – Fisheries, Engineering – Technology, Health Sciences, Foreign Languages, Southern Khmer Languages ​​- Culture – Art, Economics – Law, Applied Chemistry, Pedagogics, State Management – Office Administration & Tourism, Political Theory, Basic Science, Maxillofacial, Pre-University.

With the motto of “Bring quality learning opportunities to community”, TVU is operating under a community model. Therefore, there is always participation of enterprises in the training program advisory board as well as in many academic activities of the faculties. In addition, the university has strived to co-operate with more than 700 enterprises to support students in real job experience (through the CO-OP program) since 2007 and awarded annual scholarships for students, contributed to create jobs for students after graduation.

Continuously quality improvement in training and integration

So far, Tra Vinh university has 06 training programs participating in the international quality accreditation. That international quality accreditation process is considered as an important next step on the roadmap for the integration of international education quality of Tra Vinh University. In May 2019, Tra Vinh university has welcomed the accrediting delegation of FIBAA (Foundation for International Business Administration Accreditation) to accredit and assess the quality of 04 training programs at university level including accounting, business administration, economics, finance – banking under the Faculty of Economics – Law according to the European testing criteria. In July 2019, the university has successfully completed and achieved quality accreditation for the educational institution according to the quality assessment standards which consists of 25 standards with 111 criteria, issued under the Prime Minister’s Circular No. 12 of the Ministry of Education and Training dated on May 19, 2017. The University has also applied effectively the quality management system early meeting ISO 9001-2000 standard since 2006 and other versions of ISO 9001-2008, ISO 9001-2015.

TVU strives to cooperate with more than 90 partners, institutes and international universities in fields of training cooperation, student exchange, lecturer exchange, volunteers and cooperate in the implementation of funded projects, especially in applied research; Promote many projects related to granting short-term and long-term scholarships for lecturers and students, exchanging lecturers and students, accepting volunteers and international experts, green university building; Develop researching student group – IEEE Student Chapter at Tra Vinh University; Develop labs – Makerspace for students and lecturers, and international training,….

Currently, the University is a member of CDIO – an organization that promotes the educational framework to improve training quality of the universities in technical sectors from all over the world. In addition, TVU is also the 151st member – the only international member of Canadian Community College Association (ACCC) which is now considered as Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICan). Being a founding member of Viet Nam Association of Community Colleges (VACC), Rector of TVU has been being the chairman of VACC.

A friendly learning environment for students

Learning Resources Center

Learning Resources Center  is an ideal destination for students, arranged by the university with a spacious, clean and airy space; air-conditioning system and a rich source of books with more than 100,000 titles; and a system of more than 150 computers having Internet connection; E-learning resources and books, domestic and foreign magazines… They are completely free to support for students’ learning. The Student dormitory with a capacity of 4300 students is in green, clean campus, and nice, comfortable and safe for students. There are thousands of scientific articles of lecturers in national and international journals.

TVU Dormitory

Students’ activities in TVU – Green Campus

Being a place for creating new ideas in scientific research and starting up and a place to connect students with enterprises and create jobs for students, Tra Vinh university and its students have implemented nearly 100 applied scientific research projects in practice, which are typical at the levels of school, province, region, ministry and state such as: rice production model under VietGap standard, safe vegetable production model, self-managed melon cultivation model of student, abalone mushroom cultivation model, sea crab farming model in Duyen Hai, macapuno embryo culturing model, farming shrimp parent varieties without diseases, VietGap rice cultivation, production of rice varieties with high salinity and drought tolerance; Design and manufacture equipment to determine the flesh ratio in macapuno; Steganography technology and application in security of digital data. Tra Vinh university is also the unit in charge of successfully compiling the 84,000 Vietnamese-Khmer and Khmer-Vietnamese bilingual dictionaries and is carrying out many national and ministerial-level research projects on “Culture on Southwestern sustainable development”, “Basic and urgent issues in Khmer ethnic community in Vietnam today”, “Preserve and promote the cultural values ​​of Khmer folk music”. There are hundreds of scientific articles of lecturers in national and international journals.

TVU students’ study places

At the same time, the University has successfully organized many national and international conferences such as conference on Du Ke Stage Art – 2014, Vietnam – Hungary International conference on sustainable agriculture development and breeding hybrid technology with the participation of more than 6 countries – 2016; International Conference on Asian – Australian Goat Development adapting with climate change with more than 200 participants from 18 countries – 2018.

There are many good policies for students on tuition, scholarships for overcoming difficulties and starting up a business.

   Many applied achievement transferred to communities with a great economic value

There are various free training programs and extended scholarship policies for female students studying engineering. In addition to giving scholarships to encourage students to study, every year the university with national and international benefactors award hundreds of scholarships which are worth about VND 1 billion to those who overcome difficulties in studying. Especially, support 20 million VND for each scientific research or feasible start-up project of students helping students be more proactive to develop their creative ideas to participate in scientific research topics at university level.

it is noticeable that recently, Tra Vinh university has two students receiving consolation prizes in the national mechanical Olympic competition in 2019; and with the project on automated monitoring and control system of aerato shrimp farm pond, and the project on Biological products containing zinc nanoparticle to prevent fungi and bacteria on plants, another two students of Tra Vinh university entered the final round of the “Students with the idea of ​​start -up ideas in 2019 ” contest organized by the Ministry of Education and Training in Hanoi from October 4 to 5, 2019.

TVU has a good healthcare system for students and community

Tra Vinh University Hospital has 50 beds of inpatient treatment, internal and external insurance routes, and Modern Dental and Maxillofacial Clinic with 20 seats for medical and aesthetic treatment according to international standards for caring students’ health and serving the community.

TVU Hospital

Ensure a green campus and friendly university

TVU is the pioneer university in the country that signed the Talloires Declaration (2013), committed to build a comprehensive green university. In 2018, TVU was ranked 256th in the top 300 most sustainable developing and eco-friendly universities in the world; is one of the two universities in Vietnam to enter this ranking. According to the 2017 Webometrics ranking, Tra Vinh University was ranked 2nd in the West and 14th in Vietnam.

“TVU is striving to create an enable environment for socializing learning, research, employment and transfering technologies to the community. TVU has bravely launched new training and learning methods, opened learning opportunities for people, multidiscipline and diversifying forms of training and international integration. Efforts to improve the value of the training process into self-learning among students. At the same time, completely develops a friendly green university model and gradually moves towards a smart university to further affirm its role in socio-economic development of the locality, Mekong Delta and the country”. The Rector of Tra Vinh University – Assoc. Prof. Dr Pham Tiet Khanh said.