TVU Gender Community Department (GCD) held a Musical show to celebrate Ok Om Ok festival of the year 2011


On the occasion of Khmer traditional festival, Ok Om Bok, at 6 p.m of November 6, 2011 at Campus 1, GCD held a Musical show to welcome this event. At the event, there was  monk Thach Suon- Master of Hang pagoda, monk Son Mi- Master of Soc Nach pagoda. On the side of TVU, Mr. Nguyen Tien Dung-Vice Rector of TVU, representatives of Faculties and Offices, teachers, students and volunteers at TVU attended the show.

The performance included lots of items in different categories such as traditional dances, folk songs, moon ritual and musical exchanges of branches of Tra Vinh Youth Union. All the performances are shown with the special features of Ok Om Bok festival and the agricultural culture characteristic of Khmer people in the South.

Ok Om Bok festival , also known as Moon festival, is the  third largest festival of the year after the harvest. Moon festival is held to give thanks to the Moon God for protecting crops from being destroyed by bad weather. To show the respect, many special  things are prepared to worship the Moon as a ritual such as Indian taro, sweet potatoes, gi nger, bananas, special grain, etc. These things are the products of the harvest to give thanks to the Moon God. After the moon ritual, a man was performed in the role of Acha God will feed special grain for children, men or women to predict their future or the next year’s crop.

The musical show to welcome Ok Om Bok festival of TVU is one of the real activities as an environment for students to exchange culture with people in the region as well as in other nations. Mr. Nguyen Tien Dung, Vice Rector of TVU ended the show by a speech with his wishing good health to all Khmer students and teachers of TVU and their families and have a happy festival.

Written by Huynh Sang